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What an amazing game!

Game not starting :(

This is brilliant! Thanks for your work.

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Very often I try to play games of this kind and I can never enjoy them. Not even for 2 minutes. But this is very very well written! I can't believe I'm adding it to my "Only the very best of!" list. Thank you for this amazing piece!

No, thank YOU for sharing your art with us. :)

You really like NES style! Will you ever consider other styles? Very good job!

Amazing, as always.

This is amazing!! So inspiring!

Oops... I was running _pixelator_cmd.exe

Pixelator.exe works all right. 😂🤣 Thanks! A LOT!

Thank you so much for your help. However, this did nothing. :( It still doesn't run at all.

For some reason Windows version doesn't run. No message, no nothing, I double click and the program doesn't run.

Congratulations!!! What is his name? My little daughter is Maria.

Let me know when you take a decision. I'll be happy with anything, even just one track.

Wow! I just saw it! It's looks really nice! Will you give me the honour of writing a couple of tracks for it?

We have a lot to catch up! I had a little baby girl 3 months ago! :D :D :D :D

I still work in music, yes, but now as a part-time job. I'll send you my new site soon. I'm working on a new one, way more simple and free.

Hi, mate! Are you still making games? Any new project? :) Filipe Alves, here!

There's always something special about your creations. Thanks a lot!

This is wonderful. What a nice and simple idea for a combat system.

This is precious! <3

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There are no set goals, players can define and break their own rules.

Força, Portugal!

Welcome back, Mr. Tom. This one is a lot of fun!

You're always welcome!

AHahaha Well, it might be crappy but with your legacy you can make as much crappy games as you want.

I'll be looking forward to future releases here from you!

 I wish you the best. I hope life is giving you all the happiness you gave us all. (forgive my poor English)

Now I know that you are not only a legendary developer but also a very humble and generous man. It's very inspiring to see you here amongst us, mere mortals. Thanks for everything, Mr Tom.

Yep! They take a long time to react and you can just run until you win the game.

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Wonderful game!

Edit: for some reason I feel the need to return to this game.

Added to:

This is wonderfull! I'm really sad that I don't have the ability to complete the game. Do you have a full playthrough video, maybe?

I agree.

God bless you!

You are an angel! Thanks!

Too slow. Not playable. :(

Wonderful game! :) Thanks!

Hi guys,

I would like to play this wonderful game with a friend and none of my 3 controllers are working.

I can assign them in the menu but then they don't work at all. The "input selection menu" makes a sound whenever I hit a button but the controller doesn't work in-game.

Please heeeeeeeeeelp!!!!

Best regards!

Your games always have something special but this one is a jewel. :) You got into my Hall of Fame.

I can't explain why I got so moved by this... Thanks.

I loved the visuals!

Wonderful combat, wonderful atmosphere and visuals but the wandering part is very boring. Probably because nothing happens. Congrats!