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Sasha De'ath - {The Eldritch Tomb}

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This is super cool, I'm gonna run it with some friends soon!

Just fyi this was #666 in my primary RPG Collection.

Honestly the best OSR game of 2022, possibly of the 2020s. Very original, very unique system, feels like Vagabonds of Dyfed but  more concrete. LOVE IT!


This looks dope, I'm keeping an eye on this.

Could be worse! Just got something out of editing - now the part where I lay it out (BLEH!). I've also got a Kickstarter primed to launch tomorrow morning. Wish me luck?

Hey! Long time no see. I couldn't find any other way to contact you (Itch is kinda silly like that) so I just thought I'd drop a comment and give a little howdy-ho. Hope you're doing well! Great product and will five star for wasting time in your comment section, I just hope you're doing well. If you wanna add me, my discord is Sasha "TK" De'ath#6616

Hey, I'm not seeing any way to actually purchase or download this?

Recommended this to a friend because, and I quote, "It's got some great fucked up guys who are way too tall."

Don't get swiped by lawyer vermin!

You have my explicit permission! There, now you can fiddle. :)

Yes. Absolutely and for the love of God, yes.

Hey gang! I'm curious, what're y'all workin' on!?

I've got a book of Nobody Professions comin' up, I'm thinking of doing something else kinda small, and I might do a "The Eldritch Tomb Presents" on a setting writeup a friend did the other day but doesn't super have the means to produce on his own.

Ordered my print copy from ExFu, gonna try reading it this week. HYPE HYPE HYPE.

This was so stupid fun to write and reactions like this keep me wanting to write more :3

Order of the Lonely Heart would make an amazing Borgs knightly order.

The whole album is wall to wall bangers and it took me this long to realize how much of a fan I was. I'd have loved to do it for CyBorg, but it's limbo. :P Besides, I love the idea of mud-covered fantasy murder tourists walking through a disturbingly clean and mostly-empty mall, contending with warped  faceless drones and rambling interdimensional travelers.

And they actually helped Yes transition into the 80s, with Trevor Horn's production work on Owner Of  A Lonely Heart!

Update: Am now doing a dangerous and sad mall crawl to the tune of The Age of Plastic by The Buggles

YOOOO Scream Bloody Gore is a great pick. I've been struggling to decide, but I'm starting to think Abigail by King Diamond.

Pssst, there's nothing to download O:

Wow, what a great review! I'm a big Cthulhu Mythos fan so the Innsmouth comparison makes me happy inside. If you're looking for post-racist takes on Innsmouth, I've got one coming Soon(tm) as well, so keep an eye out for that!


(Sorry this was late, my computer ate shit and died)

The Score of Revenants

In wretched Galgenbeck it is said there resides a sinister and selfish death cult. Their numbers are unknown, but they call themselves the Score of Revenant as a hint to their true ideals, their secret nature. Each member of the cult pledges themselves to death in a secret ritual, in hopes of touching against an unfathomable destiny and returning from the dead.

Their arch-occultists claim that for those who die and return from the beyond are granted one of a sum of 20 rewards. If one man each, each carrying one of all twenty rewards, gathers below the dawning sun on the day of one of Nechrubel's hated Miseries, they shall ascend life and death and gain untold power beyond the waking world.

The Score of Revenants thus believe that their loyalty and devotion shall be rewarded by the thankful spirit-forms, and they shall gain all twenty powers in their time upon the earth, then come to their allies' side in the world beyond worlds when their time of death has come.

Working on it today ^u^ Hope you like it.

It's fixed now btw!

This sick thing is the 100th entry into my BORGS list. A traditional Eldritch Tomb review/expansion shall be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Right, we messed up BIG TIME and accidentally made it reward only. It's fixed, and we replenished the community copies as an apology for the inconvenience.

Have you had a look at the Betrayed Phantom yet? :)

You know, it was there in the back of my mind, but this was genuinely inspired by a dream I had. The details are fairly accurate to the dream!

We have divined it thus, from the Unwritten Book of the Last Days, Nechrubel's gift to the Eldritch Tomb, which has yet to be read:

This is one of the places in the Dying World where the power to drive back Nechrubel can be found.

In its six sections hide the most loathsome of Nechrubel's anti-creations, failed experiments, and terrible mistakes of half-life. Born when Nechrubel was born.

At the end lay the ruins of Nechrubel's fortress, for what could Nechrubel be birthed from but ruins? The disk radiating evil, as cruel as the day it landed, is the anvil of dark apotheosis.

It is said that once, long ago, a man went in, and Nechrubel came out. To destroy Nechrubel, you must go in, and The Thing That Preys On Nechrubel must come out.

Only then will Its secret name be whispered into the world. Then the king shall die.

Long live the king.

Oh wow, thank you!

And you are right and any excuse to use the word "trichotomy", which we just learned, is more than welcome. :)

Gonna try this for my Nuclear Throne RPG needs.

Bling bling bang

Game I played online ended when we got the gun that can kill the past, but it only killed the last 5 minutes so we didn't get the gun but left with a ton of treasure and other guns.


Sasha De'ath of MYCELIUM and Other Horrors here. The free Incursion contest version of this scenario is HUGELY influential on MYCELIUM, so if you're looking for something grisly for your Trophy game, this is it baby.

Remarkable simulation of the sisyphean endeavor of doing a small task featuring other humans when you would rather be alone.