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Hey! I haven't released a Linux build because I have no way to test it. :(

If you're interested in adventuring into the unknown, I'll look into posting a build this weekend.


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Hellenica is now available! We're doing a launch week sale of 25% off the normal price.

In this turn-based tactics RPG, explore a steam-powered ancient Greece as Artemis' bear warrior on a mythological quest of technology and magic. Push, toss, and bounce friend and foe, and use the environment to your advantage. You choose the battles, allies, and plots you encounter.

We've taken inspiration from classics like Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy: Tactics, so if you're a fan of those oldies, you may enjoy Hellenica. On top of the tactics standards, we've added a focus on pushing and tossing: push a harpy onto a giant gear, blast a character off a row of pirates, or toss a statue onto an bandit, for just a few examples.

Hellenica also follows an epic branching narrative that allows you to jump back and forth as you explore each of the storylines. Here's a quick tease of the story map:

Check it out!