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Omg, thank you so much for this! I am very proud of this game, and glad that other folks are enjoying it.

Hi! Sorry, I didn't realize that was the description for "Exclusive content" . More of, paying for Armistice beyond 5 USD will unlock a community copy for someone else. :)

Omg! I love it when folks play this game and tell me or Sin about it. Thank you so much!!

Thank you for reviewing this game! I'm really glad that you think it's worth a read/worth playing. Also: great point on the tokens. If I'm going to iterate this game in the future, will definitely keep this in mind.

Thanks for this! I'd honestly love to see more homebrews building on this model.

Tell me how it goes!

Thank you for reviewing! I'm really happy that you're still inclined to try my game out.

Hello! If you mean as a solo RPG, it may hold up with some work arounds!

Thank you!!!

If you ever entertained fantasies of playing one half of a dragon and dragon rider pair, this beautiful game is for you. It walks you through a carefully crafted, innovative set of narrative beats, and provides helpful prompts that establish the flavor of the game perfectly. Love the use of yarn!

A very helpful safety tool whose design provides excellent ways for tables to reclaim their safe spaces. It's a great meditative exercise as well! 

One of the coziest games I've ever read. It does a great job at establishing its themes through the (elegantly light) system it has, and provides a lot of room for players to create lovely, emotional stories of friendship and catting around.

Thanks for this submission! Apologies for the late response, the holidays were pretty crazy. Small town stuff can apply really well to things down here in the Philippines, so I'll try to get around to reading your work.

Haha yeah it is! Approved the bundle on my end.

Hey, there! This is totally within the bounds of Community Jam and what us hosts are hoping for. The project sounds amazing! If I can carve out some time for myself, I'd love to participate.

Definitely in! Still haven't managed to ask Sin but I will soon. Either way, games of mine are going into that bundle.

Am so down for this project. I can either include one of my current things in the bundle, or some new stuff. I'll also ask Sin about this - they are my main collaborator, and we have a lot of micro-RPGs that might make good additions to this.

Got this game from Adira during BBC, and I absolutely love it. It's a great exploration of the internal world of a single night, and treats the subject of mental illness with depth, empathy, and sensitivity. Great for small groups who are looking for an interesting roleplay experience.

Y'all this game is amazing, and it perfectly encapsulates the daily experiences of corruption and weird that the everyday Juans and Juanas of Manila have to put up with. Creative stats and simple mechanics as well!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.