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Before the quickstarter launched, there was a playtest of the rules. Those rules have since been updated, and that version is no longer available. In those rules, under "Rounds of combat", Step 2 was just "Enemies Move," which is why I left the feedback I did. That file was named "RUNE Complete Rules.pdf," and I just checked it to make sure I wasn't going crazy.

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My comment was specifically about the playtest rules, which didn’t say that. Glad to see it’s now clear.

One thing that wasn't super clear to me was when non-Harm and non-Move enemy effects happen. When the Writher places a spike pod, does it happen immediately when you roll it, when it would move, or when it would deal harm? I'm assuming the last thing, but I couldn't find a specific place in the rules where it called that out. That order didn't matter that often but did affect some of the things (especially when enemies started summoning skeletons).

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Love the game. Had a lot of fun with my playthrough and I'm excited to see where it goes from here. The general direction is great, and I'm a huge fan of how easy this is to mod.

It's interesting that this is focused solely as a solo game. I think there's potential for a co-op or even GM'd version of it. I could see a mode where I, as a GM, roll a dice per enemy and then assign the dice to them like you do as an Engraved.

One thing I would like to see is the game being a bit more printer-friendly. Printing it on standard letter paper left a lot of white space. I thought about printing 2-pages per page, but that would mess up the size of the cards. It'd be nice if there were letter/A4 versions of the item cards and realms.

I also would be interested in rules for resolving out-of-combat challenges. I could see this as a specific realm rule thing, so I think the potential is already there, but it might be nice to have some standards for how that could work in the base rules.

Also worth noting that the spear seems very strong. I was able to complete the Grim Peak realm and only took 1 damage once. That might also be because there weren't many ranged enemies, so it might just be a thing where enemy variety could help, though.

Excited to see more! Definitely keeping an eye on the Kickstarter.

Thanks so much for the review! I really appreciate it.

Also, to answer you question about the Book of Prayer, the downside to the Book of Prayer is that it’s inconsistent but you have to use it. If you don’t, you can take damage or even instantly die. It kind of blurs the line between blessing and curse.

So because of that, it can’t be something you can just get rid of. Otherwise, you could just throw it away if it gets to be too much trouble.

Plus, I really like the idea of a cursed item being something you can’t just throw away. It takes a ritual or spell to prevent it from appearing again. And the scholar won’t do that until you make it worth their while.

Quick point of clarification: when you apply a tag/role, you add +1 to your role. You don't get more dice. From the rulebook:

For example, the First Knight attacks an opponent with their chosen weapon. They use the role Super Soldier, and all 3 tags under it are applicable, so they roll 3D6 and add 4 to the total.

I figure this okay, but I reference a couple different safety tools and wanted to include that attribution. Also wanted to include the Creative Commons license on my game. Is it all right if I have a separate page for that stuff?