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cringe lol

Shit take lol

Terry is hope. The more he pushes forward, the greater he struggles, but Terry doesn't give up if you, as the player, don't give up either. It's a symbiotic relationship that represents our own responsibility with our oceans and planet. Terry represents nature, trying to avoid the mess WE made. It's our responsibility to guide him, but we always end up failing. If we ever want to see Terry succeed, we must forgo polluting our seas with waste and debris, slowly undoing this harmful process we started decades ago. It will take us all to make an impact and help save Terry from this nightmare. Are you willing to help?

I love this! Very polished, great art, nice sounds, simple and intuitive gameplay. lovely

Really cute game with some fun combat mechanics. I really like having to smack the teddy's into each other in order for them to take damage and it synergizes well with the different enemy attacks like the fast rolling teddy. It did take me a minute or two to find out why I wasn't killing the teddy bears consistently so letting the player know about that mechanic would be a nice addition. I also think the game gets too difficult too quickly for my taste, just too many teddy bears! Oh and I thought the enemy attacks were well telegraphed along with when and when they can't take damage. Details like those go a long way. I think this could easily expand into a larger game with more enemy variety, maybe some upgrades, and a nice difficulty curve.  Nicely done!

Really beautiful game you guys made here! The writing was especially touching and relatable. I thought the first person segment of the game was my favorite. The spider section of the game played a bit wonky as I couldn't consistently stomp on the spiders. I appreciate the accessibility options yall put in too. This is one of those games that make me rethink what games can do if that makes sense. Powerful stuff yall!

Congrats on your first jam! The presentation is awesome, great characters and animations. There isn't a whole lot to do in terms of gameplay but what's there works. Keep on making games!

Gameplay was fun but got really easy too fast. The premise and art was pretty funny! 

That was an awesome experience! Emotional story, fun intuitive gameplay, amazing art, and the music was awesome (that guitar tho!). The third level was pretty challenging for me but I stuck with it and the narrative paid off. Well done team!

I like the art in this game, looks very dream like and the animations are all great (the pillow and level transition especially). I do feel like the 3D and 2D art didn't mix too well. I thought the gameplay could use some spicing up, maybe making the pillow move faster, have more clouds spawn in, and maybe the platforms and windows change positions once in awhile. Overall it was a unique, cute experience. Well done!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun. :)

I really like atmosphere and how you implemented all the themes. I was only able to play through a couple well designed puzzles until the gravity ball kept glitching out on me and I'd have to reset the game. I'm curious what the rest looks but don't want to keep resetting my game, but regardless great job!

Thanks for playing! The music syncing/desync was not intentional lol. Glad you found the game fun! :)

Thanks for the feedback, glad you had fun! I'd imagine there must be a way to not have the music reset everytime. Im currently using separate scenes to load in levels so maybe that's where the problem lies. 

Thanks for making this thread, and cool game!

Here's mine if anyone wants to take a look:

This seems to be a really well thought out game. I appreciate all the systems at work to create this experience, from collecting items, shooting, zombie AI, level design, and of course the stealth/sound system. It all meshes together to create an engaging little experience!

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Hello fellow snowman stacking game creator! (I too created a game where you stack a snowman using space bar). Your artwork and animations are next level! They're really well done and polished. The gameplay is simple and satisfying although I think making it a bit faster pace would have been beneficial to the overall experience.  Great job! : )

Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the next level button, I'll likely update it soon so it can be all played with a single button, no mouse needed.

I personally think it's fine, and if it's not stated in any of the rules I say go for it. I know I'll be updating mine when I get home!

oh woow, using the npc as a platform is super clever! I figured there was a way, I just couldn't figure it out. Thanks for the high praise, your game is great too! Best of luck to you as well. :)

Enjoyed the variety of mini games here and how they all fit the theme really well, I just wish I could could complete more than a couple each time! Like others said I think the timing is just a few seconds too fast. I'd also like it if there was some clear feedback when you lost or won a mini game as I couldn't tell. The artwork was charming and the music was a great fit for the gold rush theme.  Nicely done.

Fun little adventure you got here! I like the variety in game mechanics and how the rope was a central focus in all the challenges,. I thought the NPC reactions were also really well done, like the parrot that moves when you get near it! I had no clue how to get that chest at the end but that's alright lol. One thing that bothered me a little was attaching to the rope as it felt like it wasn't as responsive as I'd like and lead to my death a few times. Other than that this was a great bite sized experience!

Just watched some of the VOD, so glad you enjoyed the Golden Mill! Thanks for hosting this jam, its been a lot fun and a rewarding experience! 

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words, it means a lot! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! 

Howdy, cute little game you got here. I got to a score of 54. I liked the upgrade mechanics after collecting enough keys and the simple aesthetic. I was confused how to actually gain a point after catching a ball, it seemed pretty wonky. I ended up staying still until it eventually gave me the point which I'm not sure is intentional or not. Regardless nicely done.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you found the gameplay interesting and the upgrade system well designed, everything felt very last minute. Part of me likes the ambient noises with no sound the other part wants to jam out lol.  I've never made music on for a game or anything so if I find one I could put it in, maybe as an option.  Thanks again for playing!

This was great! So much fun and I love being able to pick a side and upgrade my ship. Well done. :)

Fun game! I liked how every level added new creatures to avoid to keep things interesting.

Awesome game, enjoyed the philosophical nature of the story and the gameplay was simple yet fun. Gave me Outer Wilds vibes.

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I enjoyed the drop off of the web shooting and thought your game fit the theme and limitation nicely. I was able to sit in one place next to the donut and shoot the flies down pretty easily so  it wasn't very difficult. Maybe adding a bug that chases the spider could incentivize moving more and add to the difficulty. Overall, fun game! 

That last level is brutal but fair! Well designed levels, very Celeste like which I enjoy. I think the web platforms add a sense of urgency, kind of like disappearing platforms you might see in other games. This game really grabbed me and I had fun finishing it, well done!

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Thanks for playing! I agree that jamming the space button is optimal but not intentionally lol. And yeah, I've gotten cheese wheels and pacmans but they're supposed to be fireflies haha. I didn't really have the energy to change them so that's why they're like that. Here you are :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the aesthetic. I originally thought about making a hungry bar but got tired and wanted to do something more simple lol. I agree that it could use more clarification, I'll keep that in mind for any updates or a future project!

Thanks for playing! I was inspired by claw machines I used to play at arcades so I'm glad you felt that inspiration! 

Thank you for playing! I appreciate your comment on the color palette, it's pretty close to what I imagined in my head when coming up with the idea so I'm happy with it too!

Impressive! Thanks for playing! :)

Great game! Love the concept, and it's well executed. Music is bumping and art is pretty. Got to 110, felt good.

Lovely game, love the writing, characters and art. Music was fun, I just wish it matched with the rhythm gameplay, but it didn't ruin the gameplay, was still enjoyable. Great job!

Super unique and from the start when having to type "Yes" to start the game. Some puzzles game me some trouble but then I felt giga brain for solving them. Art style, music, voice acting all helped add charm to the game.  Awesome work!