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Lovely game, love the writing, characters and art. Music was fun, I just wish it matched with the rhythm gameplay, but it didn't ruin the gameplay, was still enjoyable. Great job!

Super unique and from the start when having to type "Yes" to start the game. Some puzzles game me some trouble but then I felt giga brain for solving them. Art style, music, voice acting all helped add charm to the game.  Awesome work!

Very cozy. Love the art style and the puzzles are nice and simple. The book intro was a highlight for me. Great job!

Cute game.  The photo shot once you're caught is really funny and just the idea of running around trying to pick up trash as bigfoot is pretty great.

Well done! I enjoyed the level design and character art the most. I liked the hidden move that seems to one shot everyone too, it was fun.

really clever design, well done :)

This is a really cool project! Simple yet effective. Great visuals too!

Knocking down that TV was satisfying. Nice.

Yo this was awesome! Cheese car was fun to play with and the concept is just silly and I love it. Nice. :)

Cool character design and pixel art. 

Sweet little game, I like the handmade art and nice little story. 

Congrats on your first game jam! It was my first one too! I love those monsters that follow you around once you enter the portal, even if I don't know how to get out lol. You and your sister did great! Keep it up. :)

Learning that I should use something different than control and WASD for this because it keeps trying to save the game. Sorry yall!

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Sure, it's not much of a GAME per say, but it is something I completed, be it a seemingly simple mechanic like having a chicken lay eggs. While the vision in my head for Contented Eggs (the name I decided to choose) was much different than what it came out to be, I learned so much in trying to make that vision come to life.  Such as...

  • Making my first 3D model in Blender (the egg)
  • Making my first set of animations for my chicken (Idle, walking, and plopping out an egg)
  • Making the chicken move and lay eggs with C#

While I certainly could have worked on it more, I find it hard to stay motivated when the vision I have for a game is a bit too much for my current skill set as a developer. I'm still working on being patient with myself and learning one step at a time and I'm really glad I joined this game jam because it gave me a timeframe to get something done. 

Thanks to whoever set this thing up and gave me an excuse to learn something new! 

- thechunkypenguin