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Thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed it!

I'm really sorry you felt that way, and that's the exact opposite of what I intended with the post.

I completely appreciate what you're saying about feeling like you've missed something, and I am exactly the same when it comes to reading rules.  I in no why would think someone was dumb for feeling they had missed something - and being made to feel like that is the absolute pits - but I also have to make peace with the way I chose to make the game and the fact that it won't be for everybody.

As mentioned I am new to this, and I enjoy thinking over this kinda of question in the hopes that it will help me improve as a designer.  I made a call while working on this game to not remove the rule but in anything I work on in the future I will keep this in mind and be sure I frame the question not only as "why should I leave it in" but also "why shouldn't I leave it out". 

I sorry you weren't able to enjoy the game, and your reasoning is clear and understandable.  Also appreciate your honesty and though I regret it came at you having a negative experience I have been given plenty to think on.

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You're right; there was a mechanic about reshuffling the deck in an earlier version and while I left the rule about removing diamonds in as I like the symbolism of it - feeling that, like the face cards, removing them highlights their 'importance' - it isn't necessary. 

You've given me something to mull on though, so thanks for that! 

[edit] I tried to put some more of my thoughts on the matter down in words here.

My game is in need to some work, but there were some interesting looking games to come out of the jam.  Also, have to congratulate you on the most excellent user name.

This looks really interesting and I look forward to getting stuck into it this evening.

Thanks! I hadn't read it until Saturday but was very glad I did

I had a chance to run this for some friends, some of whom hadn't played an RPG before; pretty much everything that could go wrong for the party did and everyone had a blast.

Will definitely but running it again (they only saw just over half of the game before the hogstorm got 'em) and very much looking forward to what's to come from TEETH. 

Newly released Winsome Heartwood is a solo table-top RPG where you explore an otherworldly estate randomly generated by a D6, a deck of cards and the odd corners of your own imagination. 

Also included with the game is 60 minutes of ambient drones and abstract sounds - composed by Yorkshire based noise-smith uncle-mum - to accompany your play.

Download it today and see what corners of your mind you find in

Winsome Heartwood.

Looks good! And feel free to put it on, though it'd be nice if you could put a link to The Chelsea Hotel when you post it.

Can I ask how you found The Chelsea Hotel? I'm guessing it was through the jam...

I'd definitely be interested in seeing what you came up with

A really wonderful, exquisitely told little story

If you've ever wanted an excuse to draw a dumb robot, roll some dice and swear with your friends then Shitty Mechs is the game for you.

One of those those flavour-of-the-month roll 'n' right games, Shitty Mechs is a step away from your usual "Multiplayer-Solitaire" affairs. thriving on the interaction between those around then table as you all duke it out to be the last mech standing in this fun and frantic game of rolling, fighting and swearing with friends.