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Fun little game, though it is a little hard to get to the green ants.

Simple but fun, as others have said 1 or 2 more enemy types really could have spiced up and varied the gameplay, and the difficulty ramp-up could have been a bit quicker, as I didn't start having issues till around the 8km mark. The truck animation is nice too btw just thought I would leave some appreciation for that here too.

Very well polished, incredibly satisfying to use the hook. Just wish it was longer! Are you planning on adding more levels post-rating period?

Very fun gameplay, just wish I could tell which room is the boss room before I run into it.

Dude that was really good, just wish it was longer. Movement was satisfying and the melee actually felt like a viable option when I was low on ammo. Please add more.

Really cool chess-based puzzler. Awesome to see people actually using the chess assets.

I like the idea of having to collect potions to alter your size and reach new locations, however I got softlocked very early on my collecting an expanding potion that stuck me in the wall. The game could be improved by a tutorial and perhaps some audio. Would be Awesome if the idea was expanded upon!

Thank you Sam, very cool.

A masterpiece.