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The grabbin dragon

A member registered Jul 04, 2019

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Recover well no rush.

When you ask her about the rope then ask if you can tie her and she says yes you get the options to take her to the bathhouse the dance club the dinner and the hardware store but i cant convince her to go to the bath house while tied.

How do i get fawn to the bath house after shes tied up?

I was playing in the game on Android  then this popped up 

On android the file will download but wont intall any advice?


I feel a bit dumb asking this but where's the black market I can't find it.

Honestly I wish there were more games out there with custom character creation.

No prob

Nano-control community · Created a new topic Thanks

Thanks for the great game you can see how much work you put into it and all I can say is I hope you continue to enjoy your life making games like this for us to enjoy so again thank you and have a wonderful life

Looks good hope you make it for Android when you get enough support

Kicker quest sounds right for the game in my opinion.

No thank you for making a cool game and sorry for bugging ya have a nice day.

Bruh I hope one day you'll have enough time to make this for Android but until then I guess I'll have to be patient but might I say from what I've seen so far looks like a good game.

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Anything for the torture rack or the condoes yet?

I wish this was for Android.

Android version doesn't work.

honestly don't worry about it dude the games great as it is.

Same for the time here in sullivan mo.

I just wanna say love your work and i hope you keep making your awesome games for everyone to play thank you.

Nah its your life dude enjoy it any way you want.

don't sweat it i asked in the comments a few times to.

Last time the developer said every 7th of every month so i guess tommorow.

okay thanks for telling me

Okay thanks

I downloaded it for my android but it wouldnt let me open it after i installed it, it just did the loading screen then closed itself.any ideas why?

I downloaded it for my android and i liked how it was going but when i typed my name it would not let me enter the name and continue anyone know whats wrong if so please help.


I downloaded it for my android and the file itself would not open for me to install it any idea on how to fix that?

It does not work for android is there a problem with the game file?

Im pretty sure that means you gotta pay 10 bucks to get it for android dude.

please make this for android.

i hope so ive been waitin since i beat the witch

Wish it was for android

love the game but will you be uploading an adroid version for the full game when its finished?

i hope theres one for the full game for android.

Okay lookin forward to what you got planned thanks for makeing an awesome game.

Also is there anything to do to get a membership to the torture rack?

When will 4.0 be released to non patreons?

okay thank and i just want to say i love your games a thank you for make them.