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Four Elements Trainer

NSFW - Meet the girls from the Avatar universe. · By MITY

Will the game be posted in parts for each element?

A topic by firebreather247 created Dec 10, 2016 Views: 3,348 Replies: 6
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I would love to know about any updates to the game as well because well you did an amazing job and I havent seen a better one bpefore or since


Hey, thanks! Whenever a route is finished, we'll update the game here. Intermittent updates will be released on our patreon (

Glad you're enjoying it! There's plenty more on the way!

I really enjoyed the game and I can't wait to see more of it ^^

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Hey mitty been doing great work with the game, i noticed on the patreon book 2 is noted as public. Does that mean it's done or that its is in a semi-playable state?

love the game but will you be uploading an adroid version for the full game when its finished?

enjoying the game however i cant seem to finish the first path i cant seem to get enough repect


Hey Mity, I've jsut played the first part and can't wait for the others. Do you know when you'll be able to release the future ones?