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Seems fine on my end.
Where are you seeing this issue?

Hi again, we checked and BUTCHER is available for Linux (universal). Can you check again, please?

Hi! It should be available, we'll look into it today. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks a lot!


yes that fixed it :)

It says:
index.js:89 invalidUsername

cookie is {"serverPassword":"qwerty","username":"mm"}

the username is arbitrary right?

It's the same with those lines removed.

The cookie is fine, it says

on both ends. It must be something after the authentication.

here's the next() function in redirectIfNoAuth, if that helps:

if (err && err === 'route') {

return done();


var layer = stack[idx++];

if (!layer) {

return done(err);


if (layer.method && layer.method !== method) {

return next(err);


if (err) {

layer.handle_error(err, req, res, next);

} else {

layer.handle_request(req, res, next);



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Yes it's there

No antivirus or anything.

It's the same. It doesn't even say I need a password, just flashes the connecting screen and back. I cant really provide more info. Dev console in chrome shows nothing. If you release something with more debug info we could try to resolve this?

Same thing on Chrome and Firefox. It just flashes the Connecting... screen and returns to Log In :(


I just downloaded on Windows 7.
I run it and double-click on My Server.
Whatever I type in the username box I click Log In and it flashes a Connecting... screen for a split second and it returns to the Log In screen.

Nothing else happens. No errors. Nothing. Whats wrong? :(

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Hey guys,

we've just added Butcher to It's a bloody love-letter to the early 90s, inspired by Doom, in 2d. You can play the prototype in your browser or download it for Windows and Linux (for free).

Here's a short (13-sec) video:

The Trench Run demo is available here, but bear in mind it's unfinished yet and online team matches are coming :) Trench Run is a multiplayer humour-filled run and gun game with no death.

Trench Run Teaser:

Hope you'll like them. All feedback is welcome!