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That Other Fish

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lol! I love that. Proud to have provided you this unique experience ;)

that sucks :( 

if you send me your e-mail I will send you a free key for my upcoming game Penguin Heist (price: $15, release date: july 1st) that's releasing on Steam. It will run on your Macbook! If I forget to send you the key you just remind me!

Now this is what I call T-posing! Great job!

agdg said this game was bad so I decided not to download. Sorry

Interesting. What platform are you running on?

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Sequel is in the works! This time we’re in space, and it’s 100 years in the future. Prepare for The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier!

Also loved the gameplay. Good strats for avoiding the disgusting fish

Well done!

Yup! We purposefully left some stuff out of the manual for the players themselves to discover. We want trial & error to be a strong factor in how you approach playing. Good strategy guide right here. So I’m assuming you defeated King Skeletal?

Does it count files in sub-folders as well, or what?

Gotcha. Good to know!

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I put up a game last week and it took 3 hours for me to find it on the Recent page. Now for my latest game it's been almost 2 days! Is it related to the weekends being slower for adding new games?

(I'm aware of the whole "paid games need to be verified", but as far as I know it shouldn't take more than a day?)

The Skeletal have returned...

and King Skeletal is leading them! The last standing group of settlers must work together to establish a settlement, rebuild their militia, and defeat the evil King Skeletal

Build houses to shelter your settlers during the nights as well as to help populate your settlement and increase the needed work-force.

Make use of the barracks to train your militia. But keep in mind: once a soldier - always a soldier! 

Stave off hunger with fieldsand windmills. A starving population is a dying population.

Use your settlers to chop the necessary wood, and mine the necessary stone. A good supply of resources is the key to a flourishing settlement.

Thanks for buying the game! Loved the video by the way. You've got the spirit of a fish

I’m happy you had a good time!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Really glad you enjoyed it! I’m surprised you did so well on the first go around. You get an alternate ending for blowing up the factory from the outside