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No worries! Will enjoy your art as you make more :)

Your art is fantastic, I'd love to talk if you're available for commissions! 

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This is pretty awesome, would love to see more. Though I wish the plants on the ground layer were paintable and not static, looks weird when a character movies in front of them.

As always, amazing! Keep it coming please! Would love to see a dark-themed tile set... wish you were available for comission.

YES! Amazing! I want more :)

Buying it because it's awesome, but would really like it if you included a hurt animation.

I found this guy the other day, he had more stuff up from Craftpix but thankfully it was removed. The rest of what he has is under CC0 license so there's not much legally that can be done, but the fact is that it is despicable nonetheless. Just be aware that this type of thing does happen and art or games on Itch may not be guaranteed to belong to the seller.

This is the Itch user

This is where I located some of "their" assets.

Fantastic work! I will put these to good use :)

Just wondering what everyone's AI experience was generating the theme. At first it wouldn't respond to me, but then I got it to tell me to make a 2D platformer game... and I decided to reroll and ended up with this!

As always, this is amazing! You are truly one of the best pixel artists ever!

These are reeally good! You should post some preview images on your itch page so people can see how good they are.

Amazing! Also thanks! You really listened to the comments about how some of us wished you'd do a winter one. I think this will pair very nicely with your Pixel Fantasy winter one.

As always, some of the most beautiful side-scroller tilesets I've ever seen. Keep up the good work! I hope to see more SSW tilesets, maybe another village one would be cool, just more houses/buildings perhaps. Or a winter one... ooh...

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I basically have all your tilesets and seamlessly use the 32x with the 16x. I am so happy to see so many new animated environment elements. Please keep up the good work and I would love to see some animated bushes.

Here's a video of some of your art in action

Whoops! Haha guess I was in a bit of a rush to ship it XD

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I'll look into this possible issue very soon!

Thank you so much! Also really appreciate the video :)

I really liked your bandits, but needed him to be bigger. So this was my result. 

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This is the most amazing thing ever and I am so happy that you are back to doing side-view art!!!!! Currently my game uses many of your tilesets, and I think this is going to be perfect for a mountain village! Here is a video of some of the development progress. Also I'd be glad to put you in my games credits!

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Love this! Might try to use it in my game, I even paid an artist to make me a cat and it wasn't this good. Also because you chose to draw it white, it makes it super easy to colorize it to make multiple cats!

I really love  this art. I'm a dev, and would love to collaborate at some point. Could see a really fun adventure game or even adventure platformer with this style.

Why is this in Game Assets?

This is really cool! Reminds me of like Archer or some sort of secret agent spy.

The art is cool, and I enjoyed playing a bit but the character feels like it slides because it doesn't immediately stop moving. So it makes the game very difficult, accidently walking off ledges and such. If you make the character stop immediately I think it would be a lot better.

This gives me so many game ideas! Love the little guy!

This would be so awesome as a boss enemy (non statue form). Still super amazing though!

Your creatures make for fantastic bosses! 

By the way, this is amazing! Beautiful vines for almost any pixel art game! Would love to see more like it.

I really can't wait to see this game you're making!

Ah I get that! Glad you've been releasing your art, very impressive work! Like some sort of Dark Lord godlike figure. Large character. Probably has some sort of darkness attacks.

As always this is amazing. Any chance you'd some some comission work? I need a boss character made and your art style is perfect.

Just amazing!

This is one of the most impressive pieces of work I have ever seen! Had to buy this for my game!

Of course had to buy this too! So awesome! Can't wait to see more of what you do! I don't even have a plan for this, I just want it! Haha Probably have a level where you have to use portals to get around.

Fantastic! Glad to see the suggestion come to life! Truly awesome pixel art.

Another great one! Would love to see something like this broken and animation where it pulls itself back together and then floats.

Another great asset. Just added this to my game as a checkpoint. When you walk up to it the flames light up and it makes a cool sound :)

Ooooh I like this! Bought full version. Would love to see more things like it.