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idk if you're still developing this, but if you're looking for somebody to help stress test and such, wayneradiotv just offered over on his twitch channel!

i really like this game.

i'm gay, and growing up i've always had trouble connecting to others. i was always holed up inside, drawing or writing instead of talking to other kids, and sometimes, i still find it really difficult to feel like im really connecting to other people in my life. occasionally, i find myself wondering where i would be if not for all of the support i've had from my loved ones over the years. playing this game showed me exactly where i would be. this story is strange, disturbing, uncomfortable, and even brought me to tears. regardless of whether you intentionally alluded to the gay experience at all, your work was so powerful that it left me shaken and reflective for hours after i had finished.

thank you!

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(as of May 16, 2020)

CONTROLS: WASD moves you around, but you need to use Q/E to turn manually. Left-click shoots web; use this to attack other crawlers. Right-click turns on your screen once you get at least 1 signal; I'm not really sure what the point of this is, but it can help if you aren't sure what the most recent signal you got was.

1. Know what you're after. There are 5 different signals you need to collect. You can tell what signal any crawler has by looking at their screen. They will either have an Eye, a Nose, a pair of Lips, an open Mouth, or simply show Static.

2. You need headphones. The directional audio is very important in order to locate any targets or threats that are nearby. You can tell what type of crawler is nearby from the sound they make: white noise for Statics, low groaning for Mouths, wet smacking for Lips, and VERY quiet sniffing for Noses. Be very careful of Eyes; they do NOT make noise and can easily sneak up on you.

3. Don't try to take the signal of a crawler who is trying to attack you! Once you're spotted, that's it, and ANY contact with them will kill you instead of taking their signal. Just web 'em up so they aren't a threat, and leave them there, simple as that.

4. You can see farther away at an angle. Try moving your camera around; do you notice how much farther you can see towards the edge of the screen? You can use that to your advantage. When following the source of a sound, try and carefully inch close enough to check which way the crawler is facing, and position yourself so you come at them from behind. This can turn a head-on confrontation into an easy signal acquisition, or at the very least, one less threat to worry about. If you're vigilant with this, you can even prevent a potential surprise attack from the quieter crawler types, which are by far the biggest threat in this game, imo.

5. This will probably take a while. No matter how careful you are, there is ALWAYS the potential for an Eye crawler to come barreling out of the darkness towards you faster than you can even turn around and ruin your 4/5 run. However, if you're stubborn like me, hopefully this helps prevent that at least a little bit ;)

Good luck!

not to my knowledge. i tried again today but i only tried the 32 variations accounting for B/P and M/N mixups

okay so, i've finally sat down and written out every possible order of letters (32 combinations, if i account for possible B/P and M/N mixups) and tried them all with "" in front of them, but still haven't found a solution. that said, dont sweat it too hard! i totally get how difficult and unpredictable game development can be, so there's nothing to feel especially sorry for!! even if it ends up being unsolvable, i still had fun trying to puzzle it out :)

hey! i got in contact with the Smalls Island Woes devs and they said the imgur link IS still functioning, although i havent been able to find a way to make it work myself lol. hope this helps:

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thank you for the reply!!! i will continue trying it out ^_^

first of all: i love this game!! thank you for all the work you put into such a captivatingly simple experience!

that said, i have to admit im not commenting JUST to compliment you guys (though you do deserve it).

to be real with you, i am going absolutely crazy over this secret because i dont know how to make it work, or if it even does? like, this definitely might be a case of me typing something wrong, but ive tried all the possible variations i can think of, just in case i misheard it. so, im not asking for you to publicly give away all the answers for everyone to see, of course, but as vaguely and respectfully as possible, i gotta ask: is the secret code still functioning, or is the image no longer in the same place? i know an update is coming soon, so maybe it was removed/changed for that? sorry for the bother, but i really cannot stop thinking about this.

thank you for your consideration, and have a lovely day. 5 stars.

i love the concept and style of this (the big guy even startled me so bad at one point i shouted irl, haha) but honestly, the enemies are so overpowered that it's kind of really distracting from the horror and atmosphere.

i played this for almost an hour testing out different ways around this, but the game basically became a routine of making a beeline to each memorized objective, praying that i'd be lucky enough to dodge everything, inevitably getting cornered, and then dying when the mob caught up to me.

i'd suggest either making the enemies less numerous, easier to kill, harder to die from, or otherwise introducing new ways to get around them, like making sneaking more viable, or making it so spraying the fungus reduces their numbers, or something like that. it was fun trying to figure out how not to die, but everything at once was too much to reasonably handle.

thanks for making the game, and i look forward to seeing more from you!

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hello! just got done, and i had a pretty good time!! i'll be following the development of this game, so i figured i'd tell you about the bugs i found and some general feedback!


1. if you drag the raw meat directly onto the lit stove (that is, outside of the screen where you can drag the pan around), the meat disappears and you cant complete the objective

2. after taking the star cube out of the closet, the objective in my journal updated as though i had opened the lock successfully. i was still able to complete the puzzle, but this may be confusing to some

3. i didn't get the "big house" journal objective until i had already completed all of the tasks associated with it, so i was unable to complete it in the journal, but still got the "you completed the game" message at the front door

4. not game-breaking, but the jacket on the coat rack looks like a gray cube until you pick it up

5. the clock/bookshelf puzzle is a little unintuitive because you need the hint in one of the books to fix the clock, but the books need to be on the shelf BEFORE you fix the clock in order for it to register as completed, so it took me a little while to figure out the order of operations there


1. after you get all the chess pieces, the objective of the puzzle is very unclear. i'd suggest adding a hint as to what the player has to accomplish, if there isnt one already that i just missed

2. that said, i think the puzzle difficulty for everything else was pretty much perfect and would recommend only adding very subtle hints for puzzles like the zodiac box

3. i really liked how the food puzzle indirectly teaches the player that different foods heal different amounts of health, and that cooked meat is more effective than raw snacks

4. overall, i think this is actually a very well-paced and helpful tutorial area to start the game, bugs aside. looking forward to more :)

very good game, especially for how quickly you made it!! the story was well-executed and the pacing was excellent for the most part, so no problems there! however, i had a pretty major issue on the final puzzle (the combination lock), which halted my progress until i figured it out:

when i originally found the cellar door after being directed to it, i didn't investigate the lock itself,  instead focusing on the note above it. however, clicking on the lock seems to be a requirement to get the journal update that activates the tv, so this led to me accidentally sequence breaking and being able to move the paintings before there were any markings on them. the journal filled itself in up to the note about the paintings, but without the markings and the tv symbols i was unable to progress until i went back and looked at the lock, then the tv, then the paintings, all in that order.

another problem i had was that the hints provided to solve the combination lock were too vague, specifically the second one. i would suggest specifying that the player is looking for the number of children, as the current text is so vague that i didnt even know i was supposed to be looking for a family photo (first i had assumed it was referring to the paintings from the first clue, then i thought it meant the people from the video that was looping on the tv since i didnt activate the symbols yet). the other clues were all perfectly intuitive, assuming the fourth digit was intentionally left up to experimentation, as were all the other puzzles in the game, so well done on those!

other than the issues detailed above and some minor performance/input hiccups, i was very pleasantly surprised and was genuinely scared at a few points! thank you for all the work you put into this, and i hope to see more from you in the future! <3