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very good game, especially for how quickly you made it!! the story was well-executed and the pacing was excellent for the most part, so no problems there! however, i had a pretty major issue on the final puzzle (the combination lock), which halted my progress until i figured it out:

when i originally found the cellar door after being directed to it, i didn't investigate the lock itself,  instead focusing on the note above it. however, clicking on the lock seems to be a requirement to get the journal update that activates the tv, so this led to me accidentally sequence breaking and being able to move the paintings before there were any markings on them. the journal filled itself in up to the note about the paintings, but without the markings and the tv symbols i was unable to progress until i went back and looked at the lock, then the tv, then the paintings, all in that order.

another problem i had was that the hints provided to solve the combination lock were too vague, specifically the second one. i would suggest specifying that the player is looking for the number of children, as the current text is so vague that i didnt even know i was supposed to be looking for a family photo (first i had assumed it was referring to the paintings from the first clue, then i thought it meant the people from the video that was looping on the tv since i didnt activate the symbols yet). the other clues were all perfectly intuitive, assuming the fourth digit was intentionally left up to experimentation, as were all the other puzzles in the game, so well done on those!

other than the issues detailed above and some minor performance/input hiccups, i was very pleasantly surprised and was genuinely scared at a few points! thank you for all the work you put into this, and i hope to see more from you in the future! <3