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Hey, this is really nice for a first attempt at developing a game.

UI is very good.  I was able to figure out what all the buttons did and how to play just on the first screen, which is great.

The movement feels a little janky.  Hard to describe specifically why, but I did notice that releasing horizontal movement buttons don't slow the player down in mid-air, which felt odd.  Also at the beginning of the game I would always jump at max height for some reason, but I think this stopped once I got the double jump.

The ogre boss felt a little strange too.  Getting knocked away by the boss's attacks looked awkward, and sometimes the player's damaged animation would play inside the ground.  And for a game that's clearly inspired by a lot of souls design discussion I'm surprised the boss didn't have better tells for attacks.  Personally I'd prefer checkpoints next to bosses, a shorter input buffer duration, no fall damage, actual background music, etc. but that's just me.

I think I heard the music transition into an "ending" theme when the boss died?  If so that's a cool touch, I really like when the music changes like that.

I used the "dive" attack a bunch after discovering it because I thought it was fun to use.  I'd talk about combat more but I honestly found myself jumping and ignoring over a bunch of enemies.  Once the game said I levelled up, but I checked the menu and couldn't find a level or exp listed?  I think it could be more satisfying to have a meter or something displayed.

This was pretty cool, I just think that movement and some enemy behavior could be more polished.  I recommend closely watching someone play A Handful of Dust if you can, you may be able to pick up on issues better that way because I'm having difficulty describing them.  Good luck!

This game is kinda janky but man it slaps!  I love the energy this game has, with bullets bouncing enemies around, a groovy soundtrack, and a surprising amount of abilities and options available right from the start.  It's overwhelming at times, I wish mechanics like healing and dodging were introduced a little better and sometimes it's hard to tell why I take damage.  I'm guessing I'm hitting grenades on the ceiling or something and they fall down to damage me?  With the background being so complex it can be hard to tell.

So the game feels rough but there's something I really like about it.  Maybe it's the pacing, like characters are introduced quickly and each level feels different, like stuff just happens fast and there's no chance to get bored.  Dialogue doesn't take itself too seriously and yet I'm still somewhat invested (pressing Y on a controller to advance prompts felt weird though).

Good luck with development, this is a cool game and I hope lots of people try it out.

Hey Nick, played some more and left feedback on the linked survey.  I like the pacing and variety of RPG elements but I think the core gameplay could use some polish.  Best of luck on the game!

Played through the first few minutes, it's looking legit!  I especially like how the instructions are woven into story scenarios, it's slick.  I also really liked the option to enable high resolution fonts, that's such a good idea that I wish more retro-inspired games would do.  Unfortunately I didn't play that much before falling through the world around here:

I dropped down from the dirt ledge above the angled platform.  I think I fell through the angled platform as well and ended up falling through the whole world.

Also I noticed on the downloads page you had some trouble distributing the mac build.  This tool MacifyZip (I didn't make this) might help - .  I've used it myself to fix this issue when zipping a mac application from windows.  The only problem is that there's no license or source code so it feels like you're downloading a virus.  If you trust me it's pretty handy, if you don't there are some python scripts that can accomplish something similar.  Hope this helps, and good luck!

Wow, this is really polished!  The swinging mechanics are great and the physics work how you'd expect.  Great secrets too.

Cool game with a neat mechanic and great level design!  I really enjoyed it.

Glad you enjoyed!  Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it, despite the difficulty.  You played it in a creative way if you managed to turn on the lasers before learning about the chamber flashbacks.  I'll try to make that more clear.

It might be another year or two before the game comes out.

That was great.  Fantastic movement and controls, it felt like I was flying with how many options I had.  Felt the difficulty spike with the boss was too stiff though.  Keep up the good work, this game has a lot of potential.  I'd recommend changing the music.

This was awesome, definitely worthy of being kickstarted.  I enjoyed what I played of the demo, all 1 hour and 86 minutes of it.  My scattered thoughts:

  • Dualshock support! 👌👌👌
  • Game looks great even for a demo.
  • Movement in general feels stiff, this is probably my biggest problem with the game.
  • Some of the early enemies are pretty boring.
  • You can shoot the gun much faster when running, jumping, or aiming up.  Is this intentional?
  • Finding secrets feels satisfying.
  • I like the surprises from enemies.
  • The sword is badass, and I love the special death animation to it some enemies have.  It feels stiff to use though, especially in the air.  I was jump cancelling my swings a lot.
  • Sword swings in general have strange hitboxes.
  • Bosses were great, although I think the Angel boss went too long.
  • Many missing sound effects.  I know this is a demo but decent sound effects would really take the presentation to the next level.
  • There are actual metroids in one room, might make the lore confusing.

Very cool, I hope it gets kickstarted!

This game is so sick!  I love it!  The combat feels really good.  Moving around, swinging the sword, jumping, dodging, it all feels excellent and I can do it all day.   The presentation is also great, I especially like the details in the environment and how your character's sprite changes with weapons and armor.  Although the sprites do look jarringly familiar sometimes.

The only thing I didn't like much was the chain, which felt a little awkward.  You can also climb any wall by hugging the wall and spamming the chain button while holding diagonally up.  It's sequence breaking but it's not very interesting.

I hope the game gets bigger (and a map would be nice) because I want to play so much more.  Amazing job, I'm excited to hear more.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!  I'll consider making the dodge longer.

Mechanics are solid, stencils are pretty fun to use. Making gradients in stencils is neat. I don't get the whole "starving artist" thing though.

Thank you!  Though it'll be a long while before the full game comes out I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Thanks!  I don't currently have a patreon, but I'm open to the idea.  If you really want to donate you can "purchase" the demo but there aren't any donation incentives or things like that, so please don't feel obligated to do so.

I'm glad you like it so far! Analog stick motion was considered but I found it made moving while aiming very jerky and awkward, so only the dpad is enabled. Although I could probably make this sort of thing toggleable in the options for the players that want it.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the portraits can look better, and you can expect them and other various assets to be polished up before release.

I had a feeling the timer might be controversial with some fans of the genre, but I'm confident it's a twist that'll make the game more interesting. It fits well with the time reversion mechanics and encourages speedrun-like tactics, like planning routes and finding shortcuts. But I agree that it shouldn't impede exploration, as long as the player knows what they're doing. The time limit of 20 minutes is certainly not set in stone, I won't know for sure until the entire world is made. It's very likely there will be difficulty settings with varying time limits as well.

What a perfect crossover idea, it was done so well. I'm surprised at the clever implementation of the zandatsu, it makes me think there's a lot of potential for this kind of mechanic in a 2D game, with some tweaking. You should seriously consider turning this into a full game with unique characters and make it your own, it would be great.

The retro midi renditions of MGR songs are so corny but awesome.

Damn good game, its controls are tight and finding secrets feels great. It's super hard and I know that's the point but some extra save points would be nice. You should add a blinky effect to hitting enemies and walls too.