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Bro use itch. Io email to feature your game and also do it on sale then you post this on gamer deals subreddit etc..

Are you fool why didn't you change game to a paid its cool man its gonna be a paid game

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Bro do you get any money from this game,how many views and downloads

14 sales means I didn't get that

Bro didn't you get NY money from this

Any money got I think you should change to paid

Do you have any increase after publish these game to the subreddits

Oh why do you do it on paid and also you can upload it on gamer deals subreddit

Go to reddit and search indiegames  you will get indiegames subreddit indiegaming subreddit. And also search play my games and game Dev also post it on unity subreddit. Did I ask you you only get 2 dollar from 156 dollars

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How many views and downloads you have

And also you gonna post your game in indiegames indiega ming play my game etc.. Subreddit also why don't you release it on playstore or amazon app store(paid) 

I mean any money as donation or something

Bro do you get NY money from this

So your itch. Io downloads don't calculating

Do you use admob plug in sir

How much get from a 50 or some downloads sir 

It's a great game iam also a developer I have a doubt do you answer me sir



Is it a good game

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What a game cool 

Hi everyone Iam 15 I just released our hardwork The Adventures of Madhu The elephant is a 2d adventuric story based game. Its about a Parent tries to save his kids from a evil tap on this


I want your replay which ad plug in did you use for your game plz replay


Thanks plz rate this game

Adventures of madhu the elephant -

The Adventures Of Madhu The elephant is a 2d adventuric story based pc game chek it on

Itch. io -

Thanks to include my game in your video


i fixed that download this time

i fixed that download this time

The zip contains a exe file and a data

What's you problem

OK I check that

Every time you collected the apple and  fastly come to the middle(tree) 

Ya bro the check my 2nd game

The Adventures Of Madhu The elephant is a 2d adventuric story based game is out now check out

Virus is a 2d adventuric story based game. Its about a square surviving the virus triangle and reach to the green energy drink


Yeah you seeing the whole area

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There are no records for the Apple collection you have collect some apples it will automatically go to the next will take some time.and also there were some remaining levels with quiz etc...

Try to play when you have time for the remaining levels