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Thank you!
Hmm, probably I'll update the mechanics so that there will be more methods to deal with it
and I'll investigate the problem
I appreciate your feedback and report!

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The passwords are on the Download & Install Instructions

Thank you!

Wow, thank you! ^^
You can press the space key to open the menu while travelling and select 7:Use Items and use stimulants or medkits or select 6:Stop to rest

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!
Welll... sorry but, I think that's a fun part, too ^^

Alright, I appreciate it

Thank you! ^^

Yeah, thank you!
Oh,  alright

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You can just put it here ^^

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What hand names did show up?  And, please note that if you all-in in the game you only get the side-pot in the round when you win. It's possible to mistake it

I'm sorry about the quality of the AIs. It's working with simple algorithms.

ah, for the bug, can you tell me more? There's no joker in the game so I think it's a jack. Are you sure the text above the character showed those hand names?  Please note that if you all-in in the game you only get the side-pot in the round when you win. It would be a great help if you had a screenshot of it

I'm sorry. Download for the WebGL version isn't available

ahh, Thank you very much! ^^

I'm sorry for the WebGL version. It's not compatible with some environments but I can't do much things about it...

It's encouraging. Thank you!

Ahh, I'm sorry...😅

It's semi-anthro and I thought it looks better without breasts

Thank you! ah, I used Live2D Cubism for the animations. It has SDK for Unity. I made the animation in Cubism beforehand and I just manipulate its parameters with scripts. There's a property to get the position of the mouse in Unity, so I just tied the parameter to it.

Oh, Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback!

I think it's fixed now

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it.

Yes, I should have adjusted the camera movement more.  I'll care about details like that more next time!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, Actually, the idea was inspired by a Hollow Knight shortcut (

Hm, not for now
Just Pinkie

I think you are playing the older version

You can click the double headed arrow button for automatic mode

It has a little more clothes (including bondage features) and you can change clothes for each parts

(I'm sorry for late reply)

ah, sorry, my bad, it seems Unity WebGL doesn't support mobiles

Yea... it doesn't work on some environments, I don't know why...
Please make sure your browser supports latest WebGL and is up to date
You can download the stand-alone version here if it still doesn't work, it's free

If it still doesn't work please tell me its details