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We're still looking for developers to join the team! Feel free to reach out if you're interested or for more info :)

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My name is Tetro and I'm the lead client developer for the web rhythm game Pulsus [exe] [web], and I'm looking to expand the team of people working on the game. The game is entirely made with JavaScript and the p5.js library, with a backend running Node.js (although I'm not necessarily looking for backend developers) Also, here's a video on the game to give you an idea of everything in it without having to play through it yourself:

Working as a developer, you should have:

- Experience working with JS to write software / interactive web pages

- Being able to work on the game at least a few times a week

- Someone who would actually enjoy working on this project and isn't doing it just for money or having a position above others

Preferred qualities would be:

- Experience using the p5.js library (although its pretty easy to pick up if you've never done it before)

- Experience with game development

- Released / publicly made available projects in the past that are in a useable state that I could take a look at to get an idea of your experience

- Experience using Discord and with Discord server moderation

Also I do make money off of the game through a Patreon, and even though its not a lot, if you are helping develop the game of course we will discuss giving you a portion of the profits from that based off of how much work you'll be doing for the game.

I think that's everything, otherwise I'll update this post if I can think of other stuff, feel free to link your Discord tag or any previous work you'd like to show in the replies! I'll try to get to them all ASAP.


It's made with JavaScript and p5.js :)

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll plan to add this in a future update :)

Hello, if you mean that you were working on creating your own levels, they do not save automatically to the servers, meaning they will not appear on other devices besides the one you created them on. If you would like to save the level to the servers though you can upload it at any time and then copy and edit it on another device!

GG :)

Sorry, there isn't one yet but hopefully there will be in the future!

If you have an account you can add songs to the game using the "New Song" button above the scrollbar!

Thank you!

Sorry, there's no way to make it start in fullscreen by default at the moment, but you can hit F11 as soon as the game starts to make it be :)

Ok, I'll try to fix this sometime in the future if I can figure out what's causing the game to crash there for you, if you find out any more information on why this may be happening please send it here or in the Discord server!

Could you try playing the game in a web browser ( and tell me if you get similar results? The screen may not turn grey, just wondering if it will still crash consistently.

Make sure you view the level's leaderboard with the button under "Play" and refresh them! Then your score should appear, or after a game relaunch :)

There was an issue with the game files, servers were still up. Should be working again now!

The game should be back up now! Join the Discord to keep up to date with server status and to report bugs :)

Yes they're down, sadly tokaku is too popular for my game and it couldn't handle it :( Trying to get them back up though!

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Sorry about that! When that happens, that usually means our servers have gone offline for some reason, and you'll have to check back in a bit to see if they've gone back up. If they have, the game should load in fine for you!

Pulsus community · Posted in :)

Thank you!

If you're referring to User-Made Levels:

When launching the game and clicking past the title screen, you are shown the list of all currently ranked levels in order of ascending difficulty. If you would like to view unranked maps, click the podium icon next to the search bar above the list of ranked levels (That's also where the rest of the search filters are located)

If you're referring to Songs uploaded to the game by users:

You can get to this screen by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner and clicking on the "Songs" option. Note that "Songs" in this context are NOT the same as "Levels," and you won't be able to play or find any levels on the songs page, click the menu icon and go back to the Levels page to find online levels. The songs page is where you can upload and find music to use in your levels, and each song displays their corresponding Song ID that you can put into the editor to use that song in your own level.

Hope this helps, otherwise if you need more clarification on anything feel free to reply to this post or message me over on the Pulsus Discord Server

Thanks for playing! o/

Hello! Thanks for bringing this up, it's been patched in the latest release (γ0.27.1)

Thank you for playing!

Pulsus community · Posted in Hi!

Thank you! You can't listen to a song preview yet from the level select screen, but I'm probably going to add that sometime in the future :)

Hello! A guide on creating direct links can be found here. If you need any more help feel free to ask here or in the Discord server! Thanks for playing! :)

My game is HTML5 and uses the Mouse Wheel to scroll through menus in the game. The problem is, it also scrolls the web page, causing the game to go off screen. Just was wondering if there was a way around this.