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If I undo an action the texture breaks for some reason. If I try to scale the object again, the texture goes back to normal.

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Text Forge

A text generator for Asset Forge.


- Download the script:
- Open Asset Forge.
- Click on `Scripts` in the upper left corner.
- Choose the script called `textforge.lua`.
- To edit the sample text: Open the script in a text editor then modify the `text` variable.


To make a new line, add this to your string: `

Here is a list of all the characters that are supported (feel free to add more!):

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This script generates random swords

Source Code

Thanks! Yes, the game needs some more balancing. We will be adding that in the next update!

Thank you!

First click on File on the top left corner, click on build settings, a small windows should pop up. Then click on the button that says Player Settings on the bottom of that window. A new tab should appear in the inspector like this. 

Then press on SPLASH IMAGE


And the tab will expand.


Then press on the + sign, and add your own logo in, and that is it!

Thanks so much Infiltraitor! We are currently working on a new update with more levels and turrets,so. stay tuned for that!

Yah, we are planning on making a trailer video, of game play and how you play the game. Thanks for the suggestion!


Turret Defense - A tower defense game

Get it now:

Turret Defense is a tower defense game. You  must help the turrets from the enemies  from taking over their territory, by spawning turrets on the battle field. As you defeat more and more enemies, the levels get harder. You must help the turrets drive these pesky enemies out of your territory. Spawn turrets, and upgrade them to defend, and attack. The enemies attack in groups of waves. As the level goes further, the harder the waves are. So, you must use your money wisely to upgrade and spawn turrets. This game requires different strategies that you can play with in each level. There are 2 modes in the game, Levels, and Endless Mode.

The game is currently on sale for 50% off for the Holidays! Get it before the sale ends!



Lol, both of our games are very similar:

I really liked the game. The idea is very unique. I also like how random the opponents are, and if you can chose if you are defensive or offensive.

Some ideas to what you can add if you are still going to work on it after the game jam:

- Animations of the opponents attacking

- Playing multiplayer online

Overall really cool game! Nice job on the music too!

Thanks so much!


A space based game very similar to space invaders, where Gary the alien has to save his world from the evil aliens called the YUCKS. It is up to you if you want to help him, or if you want to betray him. This game is currently available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You must also have java installed to download it. Thank you for all your support on the website.

You can check out some of our other games on: