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It looks great, but its controls feel unsatisfying, especially when you hit a higher block, I suggest making the character stick slightly to the ceiling when he jumps instead of slowing his travel, or do as in other games where to put more objects in a smaller space they make the collision of their blocks a little smaller than they really are.

Another thing that I would have liked it to have was a better effect when crushing something, for example a sound, a tremor on the ground, I mean I am a hand with the power to destroy whatever crosses my path, I would like to be able to feel it

Finally, the secret passage is not very intuitive to say, when you enter it, it would be great if the path is revealed or at least you can see what is directly around your character, as if your character has a light or something for the style.

Good luck with your project, greetings!

Hello, playing the level where you are mounted on a moving box, I accidentally shot the switch after the mechanism started moving and was teleported into a wall, making me unable to continue the game.

Hola hice esta caratula para mi bibloteca de GOG. No es genial, pero quizás a alguien le interese...

That's exactly what it's about, sorry for the confusion, I'm self-taught in everything.

First of all, thank you very much for the prompt response, I would like to make a couple of considerations on two points of your return, since I feel that I have not been able to correctly express what I was trying to say, causing confusion.

Regarding point (5), I do not pretend that the application resolves my designs, so to speak, but to be able to take more advantage of a tool that already exists.

Currently, if I need to adjust my designs to a space constraint using lossy compression, the only way I can do it is by adding extra data that prevents it from taking up more sprites than I can spare in this process, the problem with this is that if they are not different enough from what I am compressing, they are optimized with the rest of the image, causing me to repeat this operation an infinity of times.

In conclusion, this process requires a great deal of manual correction, so I don't think it does the work for me, but it helps me know where to put my eyes when starting to make the necessary simplifications to adjust my projects. to the limitations of the system, so if you could define the lossy import being able to configure from the beginning "X" number of sprites, it would significantly reduce the workload of many artists.

(7) Actually, the problem is not to do it, but to do it manually, I mean, to achieve this effect, just load the CHR in any image editor and superimpose one part of the tileset on the other using a slight transparency in one of the layers , to achieve the mixing effect, taking into account the blocks where one or another group of attributes will be used, of course.

But after the sprites are mixed, it becomes a real headache, putting together the final title screen, because the more data the layout contains, the more difficult it is to find each sprite and put it in its proper place with the correct attributes. .

Although in any case I am aware that this is my most unreal request, so I understand that it is not taken into account, I just wanted to clarify my point, greetings.

NEXXT community · Created a new topic List of suggestions

Hi, first I wanted to thank you for giving support again to this great application, I know that maybe these ideas are silly or just unfeasible, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my experience, through my concerns 😉

  1. Open files by dragging and dropping.
  2. Make the window transparent in a native way for tracing.
  3. Load a larger CHR and be able to associate it with the sprites to be represented.
  4. Possibility to represent screens using breakpoints.
  5. Lossy compress by defining the amount of final output sprites.
  6. Lossy compression of a specific section of the screen.
  7. Compress graphics by color
  8. If there is a Tileset loaded, don't overwrite it, use the free space and reuse the matching sprites.
  9. Rearrange the Tileset data based on another imported Tileset.

(2) This is useful for using guide mockups and for applying palettes.

(3) In large projects, it becomes a headache to manage all the data.

(4) Many title screens use one or more breakpoints to provide more graphics:

(5) You can't always have the full CHR in the end game.

(6) Sometimes it is better not to compress all graphics, especially when you need to write in a common font:

(7) This technique focused on simple screens can practically double the Tileset space without losses, it consists of superimposing 2 different sprites in the same tile, using the colour attributes to hide one, showing the other and vice versa:

(8) When you create a title screen you generally do it thinking about integrating it with other resources, for example. the typography of the game.

(9) To conform to constraints, to reuse resources, or just to facilitate future edits to the graphics, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the Tileset so that it can be interpreted by humans:

Changing the subject, some time ago I designed these icons, maybe you will find them useful:

Pack Icons (7z)

Morí en el boss, pero me divertí mucho 😁

Es un trabajo increíble, pero esta parte simplemente me frustro. Por otro lado, sería genial poder descargar un savestate (jugué la versión de navegador), para poder continuar la partida en otro momento, realmente me da mucha pena tener que abandonar el juego luego de haberle dedicado tanto, por último, aunque entiendo la dificultad elevada, se agradecería un checkpoint adicional en el nivel donde hay que saltar 3 plataformas rodeadas de minas móviles, luego de que inviertes la gravedad, gracias por desarrollar este juego

Muchas gracias por su dedicación, me parece admirable su actitud 😉

Cómo dicen el trabajo que están haciendo con los gráficos es muy prometedor, aunque espero que en la versión final pulan mucho más el gameplay, ya que el demo actual se siente monótono y frustrante...

El principal problema es que el personaje queda vulnerable gran parte de tiempo, o porque se bloquea pegando, o sujetando algún enemigo involuntariamente cuando necesitas moverte o recibiendo una patada voladora que por más que veas venir con tiempo es muy probable que termines recibiéndola.

Y aun así, el juego nunca llega a proponer un reto significativo, lo más parecido es al enfrentarte al primer Jefe, pero por quedar atorado por los problemas que ya mencioné con el resto de los enemigos. Allí perdí todas mis vidas y después de un par de gameovers abandoné el juego.

Nota: Ignoro si esa es la intención en el futuro, pero muchos obstáculos del escenario parecen objetos que uno debería poder romper, por otra parte, deberían buscar otro FX, para los chispazos eléctricos de las luces, pensé que eran algún tipo de rayo que debía esquivar...

(Recomiendo agregarle una animación de parpadeo a la protagonista, le daría más vida)

Sin darme cuenta pasé un largo rato jugando, fue realmente entretenido, mi única crítica (si se puede decir así), sería poder continuar el juego (luego de perder) con la barra espaciadora o algún otro botón, por otra parte, sería genial en las secciones que llegan los pájaros que se habilitara momentáneamente la acción de frenar manteniendo presionada la barra espaciadora, hay veces donde llegan justo cuando debes saltar sobre un obstáculo y si saltas mueres, pero si no saltas mueres también, lo que es un poco injusto, en especial cuando has sobrevivido mucho tiempo...

El juego sigue ejecutándose en segundo plano aun cuando lo cierro, por otro lado, en Mario Bros cuando te subes sobre una tubería con una planta piraña, esta no vuelve a salir mientras estás encima, hacer esto o dar más tiempo para poder estar en la plataforma sería genial, tener que saltar a los costados de esta es poco intuitivo.


Aunque tiene niveles genuinamente divertidos, siento que este juego todavía necesita pulir sus controles, el personaje acelera muy rápido y es difícil cambiar de dirección a tiempo, esto es especialmente frustrante en el nivel donde debes esquivar las sierras sobre el ascensor, de igual forma su salto aunque es perfecto para sectores amplios se vuelve muy tedioso para espacios angostos, haciéndote morir solo por no tener forma de maniobrar correctamente, haciendo que algunos sectores solo se puedan superar por repetición y azar.

Sugiero que se implemente un doble salto, además se vería genial si el personaje girara como en el juego Contra, pudiendo saltar poco inicialmente o mucho cuando es necesario.

Por otra parte, otras ideas que pienso que harían más interesantes esta aventura serian:

Un contador de muertes.

(No sé si ya hay algo así) Ítems para sobrellevar obstáculos, por ej. 3 shuriken, para poder destruir obstáculos.

Un botón para respawnear en el punto de control, es frustrante tener que buscar donde suicidarte, cuando retrocedes involuntariamente.

Murciélagos o algún tipo de enemigo, para que el escenario no se sienta tan desierto.

Algún nivel con sectores con agua.

Supongo que muchas de estas sugerencias son ideas muy tontas, pero si leíste hasta aquí muchas gracias por dejar que probáramos tu juego ;)

La idea está bien, pero necesita mejores gráficos, puntos de control, vidas y un sistema de hits, si tuviera eso sería muy divertido...

The desktop version always starts with the top off the screen, on the other hand, it would be great if the application would use your icon and not the Godot Engine icon.

Es genial que ahora se pueda descargar, probándolo más a fondo pienso que le vendría genial poder distribuir el texto en varios renglones, por cierto gracias por tomar en cuenta la anterior solicitud ;D

Genial, estaré al pendiente 😉

It would be great to download the web application, good job!

Another thing that would be useful is to have the ability to disable the program without closing it.

I have already tried it, it works very well, your application is great, thanks again!

Thank you very much for your time and your kind disposition.

I use a notebook, and about resizing the window is impractical and even if I tried, there is no way to reach the edges that are outside the visible area of the desktop monitor.

I can't get it to keep working if I put the window in the background.

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It would be great if you would consider including a plugin to use the application with some free music player like VLC, MPC-HC or AIMP. (Not only to be able to use it with the player, but also to be able to use the application as a sound source without using the driver)

Also it would be great to be able to set the window to full opacity, to use it as a source for OBS.

Installing VBCABLE I could make it work, but I can't find a way to move the window, the application starts like this.

I just downloaded the latest version and the image is displayed for a few seconds, and then it looks like the screen is covered by a black frame, as I can notice that it keeps rendering the animation on the edges, I can't move the window, but I can see the options and if I enable transparency it disappears completely, activating the singularity effect I can see a little on the screen, but it looks choppy, and sometimes the application crashes and closes.

What a pity it does not serve to export animations, it would be a very useful tool to create sprites, incredible work!

I think it's a great application, although I would love to have the ability to create more than one asset that could change with the keyboard numbers or assigned keys, plus I think it's a shame not to be able to animate layers like "Face". and the impossibility to change the rotation effect by other parameters, in order to create animations in different poses.

Al principio pensé que sería aburrido, pero me divertí mucho, es genial, lo recomiendo probar aunque sea una vez

It's an impressive work and has a very nice graphic design, it really looks like an official game! ;D

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Thank you very much for the information, although I think it is something that is beyond my possibilities, mainly because I do not have much experience programming, in addition each game handles its data differently.

On the other hand, currently the only complicated part of this process is to import the data, since since I cannot pass the information directly, I must recreate it in a mock-up that I then trace with the application.

In this way, after having the data loaded, I can easily export the information by saving an image that I then process with an OCR converter.

I mentioned this idea, because your tool is better than any level editor, being able to edit several levels at the same time and even copy and paste data between files.

Imagine the possibilities, if each pattern were linked with a number by default, this would allow one to select an area of the level and paste that data into a word processor, and that users of any level could create a conversion table to import. and export files with different formats, as some hexadecimal editors do.

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Hello, first I want to thank you not only for creating this application, but for maintaining support for XP, for many in Latin America it is very difficult to access a suitable PC, to do interesting things.

Also, I would like to tell you that I found a quite profitable way to use your software, by loading PNG images with layers, I can group the blocks together with hex codes.

In this way I can edit levels of old games, and when exporting, it is only a matter of saving an image that shows only the hexadecimal code and then converting it into data that the game can read.

So I was wondering, if I couldn't implement something similar natively, if so, this data could be entered manually as pattern set names, to export and import as text.

This would allow any average user to easily adapt complex data formats for editing with Tiled.

Thank you very much for your time and greetings from Argentina!

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Thanks, I've already managed to make it work :D

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I understand you might not be interested in this report, but the app is almost compatible with Windows XP, thank you very much for your time ;D