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Really cute use of the theme, loved chatting up death. I didn't get to the end but it'd be cool if the relationship with death led to something, does it? The sound fx are a bit loud, but really cohesive style overall! 

I just wana say that I'm really glad that grips don't break when climbing irl! Cool physics and fun jam!

Yeah pretty much exactly that - the racetrack is very slick and glowy, and the background realistic vs the clay/stop motion ships. Maybe making the UI more like the ship-style would help bring them together? I feel like the music is quite hard in a slick way which accentuates the track rather than the ships. Maybe even some sound design could help, like cute noises when the ship hits the side of the track sort of thing? I do like the track and the ship styles, they just feel a bit different in the current iteration.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback! Doing a global response instead of responding individually because a lot of it is similar. Basically we took ages to settle on an idea and only ended up making this on the last day - so it's very hacked together and buggy! If we'd started on friday I would've liked to have added the ability to be able to extend the sequence dynamically, to change the bpm, and to be able to re-use monkeys - and then ultimately download the loop at the end. Currently it doesn't always update correctly when you swap or remove a monkey which isn't ideal. Got to laugh a lot while making this though, so overall a fun jam. :) Maybe a good prototype for a vst.

I'm impressed you got the networking working and still managed to make the game! I really enjoyed spinning around and figuring out how to get the movement to be deliberate with a friend. I like the style a lot, but it doesn't feel completely cohesive (but I assume that's mostly just a time constraint thing), and the music felt a bit intense after a little while. Overall very cool! 

Hey thanks for making this! Your writing is really great - it managed to both set a scene and convey the experience of the protagonist without having to say anything directly. It's also very fun, and strong in its style. I really liked all the names of the online lurkers, so apt. I also like that you centred it around something that often falls under the cracks and doesn't get a lot direct of air-time, it feels current, relatable and not overdone.

I really liked a lot about this, even the uncertainty which I found made it more exciting. I'd love to see more levels/see where it goes if it were to go. It also made me realise I really prefer wasd. And I won lol.