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Fun game with great art, but the tiny enemies are really frustrating.

Fun game!

The gameplay of sorting friend from fake is satisfying. Getting better at it and sorting more e-mails more quickly feels rewarding.
The sound design gives a great, optimistic feeling, and the e-mails are uplifting. It's a cozy game that dips its chip in old computer nostalgia.

I wish there was a proper ending. I bought everything in the shop expecting that to do something, but nothing happened.

Telling authentic from spam feels a little off when I keep seeing the same personal letters over and over. It makes everything feel like spam.
The same events happen over and over, and the humor of each individual email drops off a lot. A formal ending would help the player not run the game's content dry.
As-is, it feels like it's saying
"Is there more content? I dunno. See for yourself ;)"
[15 minutes later]
"The answer is 'no'. Go away :)"

I feel like the player should have a little more control over what happens story-wise. For example, I'd be happy to get docked a little bit of money to prevent that kid from getting grounded.
This is the kind of control I was expecting from the send-or-spam premise. The questions of "do I let companies' spam go through?" and "should I let aliens take over the planet?" are asked, but the player doesn't get to answer them - it's left to "do what your job tells you, your individual impact doesn't matter."

That said, the writing of the individual e-mails is very charming the first time through, and it's fun to piece together the individual lives of each person. More e-mails, more characters, and more interconnected world moments would really make the game shine.

Moral of the story: make an ending! I feel so unfulfilled from this game petering off. Give us a solid 6-foot plank, not an 8-foot with 2 feet of shattered edge. Trim that 2 feet of rubbish off.

Fun little game! I found the conveyance/knowing-what-to-do-i-ness of the game a little frustrating in bits, so here's a little hint-based objective guide for any players coming across this:

AllGo to your friend to finish a level.
Don't look at your friend.
Loop 1
Destroy all Radios.
(Jump on top of them.)
Loop 2
Don't hurt any Pain Towers.
(Touching the black eye towers
is forbidden!)
Loop 3
Put out all Fires.
(You can push the rocks.)
(Rocks put out fires.)
EndThat's all, folks!

bonus:In the ending:
- Press X
- Hold Up during the death text
- Go left
- Explore!
For the "teeth" incarnation of the friend, this is the only way to see the otherwise unused level. Pretty cool!

If you can't find something, just go everywhere you can. The map isn't too big.
Standing on the top of horizontal spikes is painless. Use this to get the top-right-most Radio without having a stroke.
Check the instruction manual. It is worthless for actual instructions, but provides some additional story.
Your friend is in the bottom-right corner of the map, if you really can't find her.
If Mole dies, your radio/fire progress is saved between lives. Don't stress about it.
To get onto the roof of the building, try dropping in from above.

Fun game! This has a lot of potential to improve.

The shooter section is pretty decent, but could use more bullet
patterns/enemies. It's very simple at the moment, and Stage 2 feels like purely a test of how much HP you got before you arrived.
A few new enemies could help alleviate this. If you're feeling lazy, find some patterns from one of those danmaku games (e.g. Touhou) and put them in. They'd work fine.
Oh, and the difficulty's just fine too.

The stuffing content is alright, but having to watch the same progression over and over while doing the repetitive task of eating is tedious. It's good content, but accessing it isn't fun.

I really like the mechanic of controlling Yuri's arm and being able to throw items. I think this should be expanded upon.
When the mouse cursor is over the Back button, Yuri looks like she's stretching. It's pretty cute. Some kind of face change when the player hovers over the Back button to properly show that she's stretching would be a nice addition.
Leaning far forward at high fullness levels leads to Yuri's stomach appearing to phase through the chair below her. I think a neat (and appreciated) touch would be to have it squash against the chair, making it so she can't lean over as far. It would add to the physicality of the belly.
I know this is a stuffing game, but some weight gain seems appropriate. One doesn't eat constantly every day and spend most of their time in a cockpit and not gain a few pounds. A way to lose pounds and still stuff to high capacities could be a best-of-both-worlds situation, although that would mean creating a lot more art assets.

Really, what I think this game needs is more. More mechanics for shooting, more mechanics for eating, more options than just "pick who to feed" with your crewmates. I hope you revisit this game and add more to it someday.

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Is there a solution to -2 (The Power of Cheerfulness)?

If anyone else wants to see: get at least 5 lives, then go to level 1 and feed them to the plant.

Grab the extra life in -1, kill all the enemies, have the music off, and die on the spikes until you'd game over; it'll transport you to -2 on your last death.

From there, I have no clue what to do.

Edit: To clarify, you can grind lives by cycling through the levels (earn points, replace the level with a point value, pick up any lives you find around; you'll eventually get to 5. Keep in mind resets lower score by 1.)

Edit II: To beat -2, get to the end of the level without harming an enemy. This was very obscure.
If the dev sees this: I see what you meant by "cheerfulness" and the enemies smiling, but it's a bit of a logical leap. Something like "the power of pacifism" or "the power of little snowman dudes" could be a bit clearer. As it is now, I tried things like jumping in place a bunch, making the enemies dance around, etc. as I didn't have anything to go on. I would have given up if I hadn't happened to try pacifism.
You are the creator: do with what I said however you want to. I'm just telling my experience.

edit III: soft lock on -4, aaaaand I give up. too tedious and I ceased to care