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Fun little game! I found the conveyance/knowing-what-to-do-i-ness of the game a little frustrating in bits, so here's a little hint-based objective guide for any players coming across this:

AllGo to your friend to finish a level.
Don't look at your friend.
Loop 1
Destroy all Radios.
(Jump on top of them.)
Loop 2
Don't hurt any Pain Towers.
(Touching the black eye towers
is forbidden!)
Loop 3
Put out all Fires.
(You can push the rocks.)
(Rocks put out fires.)
EndThat's all, folks!

bonus:In the ending:
- Press X
- Hold Up during the death text
- Go left
- Explore!
For the "teeth" incarnation of the friend, this is the only way to see the otherwise unused level. Pretty cool!

If you can't find something, just go everywhere you can. The map isn't too big.
Standing on the top of horizontal spikes is painless. Use this to get the top-right-most Radio without having a stroke.
Check the instruction manual. It is worthless for actual instructions, but provides some additional story.
Your friend is in the bottom-right corner of the map, if you really can't find her.
If Mole dies, your radio/fire progress is saved between lives. Don't stress about it.
To get onto the roof of the building, try dropping in from above.