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Looks very promising asset and models very cool

better and more updated version is now only at steam

game is not in steam. Only keys available

this game is only not in steam

it is giveaway so you have key probably

ok, one guy has made for my games giveaways, but not promised steam keys, because this game wasn't in greenlight or not coming to steam

only key. Gamenot in steam

this game isnt in steam. All giveaways which i know and where are my permission is only giveaways

and some giveaways target was to show game earlier version to player that they can buy or not to buy it in steam

this is only version which show what kind game is. Steam version need to buy

Game isn't in steam and isn't coming, only version only. Not passed greenlight system so project frozen for now

this game is not in greenlight. Only in

There is now added also second alpha stage version where is 3 different labyrinths

yes. Lawnmower simulator has already new version which contain better grass, and no fps lags. It will published during next month

MasterHarley it is windows version. It is packaged version to .zip. there is instructions in game page which is playable .exe file. It is only test version which contain  1 labyrinth. Later coming version where 2-3 labyrinths. If game got to steam it first version contain menus, 7 labyrinths, different features like ammos. Minor fps game where need to find correct route to out. I will soon update also version where more labyrinths.

This version is very earlier stage alpha or some version. Final and current Early Access version is in steam:

this is game and can play it, but think so that will never get to steam store, but maybe miracle happens

It's free and not targeted commercial sale, for this graphic

Yes I have made few giveaways with one partner. And yes steam keys will be delivered if game will sometime in future get greenlit. I hope that someday, but not can promise anything

Hmm, not know what this topic means, but version is only for this project early stage alpha version. Steam version has better and different tracks, settings menu etc qualities. Also probably will remove survival driver from Target was only to show in greenlight demo version

Support labyrinth Escape minor FPS/survival project in greenlight and give costructive feedback for this minor project and how to improve it: . Project test version which contain 1 labyrinth is testable in

youtube trailer for full game:

if it get someday greenlit, but still waiting approval. New greenlight link:

New greenlight link:

Many has said it is easy to unpack it

It is easy to unpack even it is big version is some kind of beta version which has uploaded to service several months ago. It has 10 level missing and 1 open world. Also that version hasn't polished every stuff

And because there are open worlds and few bigger levels that's why project is big. I try to make it more smaller. And version is older beta version where are missing newest/best levels. Also newest version has some polished stuff and settings menus

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and this version isnt full version. Over 10 levels missing, settings arent finished etc

video is newest version in steam. And yes I apologize that project is big. version miss some levels

Yes and final/fully version is even bigger. That's why because almost 30 levels, some of them are big and also 3 open world where are lot of stuff that makes project very big.

Problem solved. I first had to delete older game windows-beta version and then butler push new version again

Same problem with now other project. It works when first time made, but updating or uploading newer version not working. It freezes with other projecs also. Maybe delete old one and try then

Butler.exe is good program to install bigger game projects. With help of that I have get uploaded bigger version of my games, but still there are few bugs, that one project bigger version can't upload. It has waiting result several weeks. It stucks every time to about 20% after uploading

Still be patient. When/if this is released in steam. All winners will get their keys. But I can't influence to Valve's decision when they are accept this project

thanks for advice

For now it is key and when/if game get released every winner will get steam key. I hope it happens soon, but for now I can't do more. Have to only wait if Valve/steam approved that project

I am game project developer and other (promoter) make this giveaway. And yes I hope be patient. Game is in greenlight and when/if it will be get greenlit then people who win key will get steam key. I can't do more now. Have to only wait if game get greenlit

I don't is this positive or negative comment. But I appreciate every feedback. And project will be getting more stuff and better graphic when/if someday get greenlit or some other bigger marketplace.