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Hey there,

You can rescue additional units on planets which have a Distress Beacon. Find the escape pod on the planet, and open it using an Engineer.

Hope that helps, you can see more in the how to play video:

Thanks for the feedback!

If you hadn't already found it, it is possible to customize the keybindings from the Options screen in order to change the character selection keys.

Thanks for playing!

Nice video, thanks for playing! :)

I see... I think you just got (un)lucky :) It is random, so it's possible it might happen sometimes.

I'm not positive I understand your report, but I think you're saying that one of the planets you landed on had the harder enemies wandering around to start with? This is as designed, sometimes there are groups of weaker enemies, and sometimes there are the harder enemies, but fewer of them.

Thanks for checkout out the game! Since a few people have asked, I've put together a How To Play video. I hope it helps.

Sorry that the performance is poor on your machine, can you provide me your system specifications?

Something you can try is reducing the graphics resolution or quality level in the Options, to see if that helps with performance.

Unzip the game to a folder of your choice, and double click FromOrbit.exe

Hey there, thanks for the heads up. I believe this is a false positive. I'd never heard of Segurazo so I did a search and it appears that Segurazo is itself malware that does not function as advertised, and nearly every result is people seeking help in uninstalling it:

  • Segurazo PUP refers to a questionable anti-virus program that is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by many legitimate anti-virus programs. According to user reports, the program installs without explicit permission from users, and is difficult to remove.

Select the units using left-click, and order them to move somewhere with right-click.  Alternatively you can cycle through the units using the Tab key, or LB/RB when using a controller.

I couldn't say, possibly due to Unity being upgraded to a recently released version which Norton is not yet familiar with.

Hey there, because the game is currently 100% off you can download for free, but this will not grant you a Steam key. However, purchasing for any amount ($1 or more) will grant a Steam key that you can claim.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Tom, thanks for trying out the game and sorry for the frustration. Is this happening when you have 5 crew members active? There's actually a limit of 4 on the ship, but this isn't especially obvious in the UI. This will be addressed in a future update.

Please add

From Orbit is a single player game

Thank you for the detailed feedback!