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Yes, it does. Thanks.

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In the browse category on the site, games that are on sale but have a free version don't display the "-xx%" label, so it looks like the game is not on sale.

I use the reverse sale option, and would like to either chose which price to display on the store during the sale (the paid version of the game) or the possibility to easily make the game not free during the sale (just set the sale price without changing the minimum price and having to set things back after the sale).

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Hi there,
a few days ago with some friends we released our first game: Temporal.

It's a turn-based strategy game for Android (and soon iOS) where you are in command of an army. You need to master your hero's power as well as artifacts that are on the battlefield to recover an ancestral stone that can bend time and space. You can play it for free (with ads) or buy the "no ads" version.

Here are some of the features:
- 4 races (each with a special power) and their universes
- 45 levels
- 3 types of ancient artifacts
- 2 players local versus

Thank you for checking it out !