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very welcome Jason, thank you for the chance to play! A social media presence is a great idea, I can see channels much bigger than my own having a lot of fun with this!

thanks Alomo! :) Had a lot of fun playing your game! And thank you for the tip, definitely going to be playing again haha

Great game, thanks for the chance to play it! :) Unfortunately I couldn't find any of your active socials to share this to, hope you get plenty of coverage since this was a lot of fun!


Enjoyed this a lot! Especially considering how quickly you put it together. Got a lot of laughs out of the readings, thank you again :)

you're very welcome! 

Very much enjoyed playing your game, thank you to the L.O.V.E. Games team - your artwork especially is fantastic!

I'm happy it helped!

You're very welcome, I was happy to test it!
For me the most interesting aspect of the game has to be the simplicity of the concept and the way this translates in your game design. Ragdoll games (like Yet another exhausting day, Human fall flat, Gang beasts, etc) really make you feel like you're engaged with the game, along with creating hilarious poses and situations you can't find with fixed animation.
I hope I explained myself well enough and that it is helpful to you!

This made me laugh a lot, I wasn't expecting to have so much in common with the character. (Murikami fan, always tired, city job etc).

Really fun concept although I think the roll function and the push/move forward function sharing the same button feels a little off.

Great game and hope it does well for you! :)

This game was creative (and confusing) as hell! Initially I thought I'd be playing it for 10 minutes or so, ended up sinking an hour into it and will definitely be making a series!

I'm sure you're aware of the bugs and glitches but it's good fun, thanks to your team :)

Thanks to The Tangerine team for creating this game! :) While the environments could be busier / death animations could use some work, given the time you all put this together I enjoyed it and appreciate your hard work!

Really happy you enjoyed it - voice acting isn't my strong suit haha. Don't mention it, I'm glad I found you guys and will definitely be following the game!

Thanks to all of the team at Amarathine for this game. The art was lovely and I was really pleasantly surprised by your battle mechanic for a Visual Novel!
I hope you enjoy the video and hope to see more from you guys :)

wow thank you!

He did? Did what? The tension is killing me!

I reaaaally want to know how you managed to put this together. I play a lot of indie games but this really wowed me, you obviously have a passion for the films!

I can't really comment on how to take it further as I have no idea how long you grinded to make this haha, but if you make a raptor / kitchen next you'll be my hero!

Here's the YouTube thing