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This made me laugh a lot, I wasn't expecting to have so much in common with the character. (Murikami fan, always tired, city job etc).

Really fun concept although I think the roll function and the push/move forward function sharing the same button feels a little off.

Great game and hope it does well for you! :)

Thanks for sharing your play with us Geg.

Your advise on the controls really gives insight.

May I ask what interest you the most from the game, as it is the question we are hopping to find out in this prototype demo.

By the way, Murikami’s books are really famous here in China as well. We are all fans.

You're very welcome, I was happy to test it!
For me the most interesting aspect of the game has to be the simplicity of the concept and the way this translates in your game design. Ragdoll games (like Yet another exhausting day, Human fall flat, Gang beasts, etc) really make you feel like you're engaged with the game, along with creating hilarious poses and situations you can't find with fixed animation.
I hope I explained myself well enough and that it is helpful to you!

Hey, the term 'Ragdoll games' and your view point are  so inspiring. 

We've been wondering why people seem to like this game. Listened to you, it makes so much sense.

I'm happy it helped!