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Thank you A G Moody for the recognition and feedbacks.

It helps us to know how to adjust the game for better experience. : )

Lovely video. We don't see many play together channels. It offers a different watching experience. Hope you find more interesting games to enjoy. : )

Many thanks for your play! we will keep going and wish you would met more interesting games in future~


Hi Bakenshake.

Your review helps us to understand the game better. Thank you for the valuable contribution. : )

: ) Thanks Heircot. Happy new year! 

Very glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing.  Happy new year! : )

Very lovely video and commentary. Thank you both. Happy new year : )

Thank you for detailing the issue, my friend. My apologies for causing trouble to you. I have reported the problem to my team, we will try to find out the reason.

I'm sorry to hear that Kacha. Could you describe what exactly happen?

Those suggestions on adding replay value are very inspiring. We definitely will try some of them. Right now we are trying to add another 2 sets including 2 boss fights to the next update. : )

I'm very sorry to hear that. Could you let me know what system do you use, and more details please

We've done a lot of updates since you version you played. Please feel free to try again. I promise it's not that hard anymore.

Your feedback about the controls are very helpful. We really need to know if the update works. Thank you PEK.

Hey flxp. Thanks for the short but funny montage. : )

Very glad to know you liked it. We are changing the controls and gameplay. I guarantee you won't be raging again next time you play it. 

Thanks for sharing the game. DizzY: ) 

Really glad watching you enjoy the silly fun of the game. Thanks for showing us the current design is worth playing.

Thanks for trying Yet Another Exhausting Day in your selection. After having so much feedbacks from the community, we are changing the controls and difficulty dramatically. Thanks for helping us to understand how we can make the game more interesting. : )

Thank you for playing and good wishes. Nebula. : )

Your playful and relaxing voice is really suitable for the humorous style of your channel.

Succint and cool! 

You managed the control really well. Have you figured out there are 3 types of sprints? How do you like the visual in this version?

Sorry for the late reply, Mikey. Thanks for helping us to see the values we never realized before. Your comments on game design provides a wide horizon of inspirations.

Thank you. Really glad you are up to the challenge and find it's interesting.

Thank you for the kind review. Cake Game Lady. We hope the game can be liked by more lady gamers.

Can't understand your language, but I feel your sense of humor greatly. Nice work!

Thanks for sharing your experience.  We learned something useful from watching you play.

Thanks for pointing it out. We are trying to come up with a new one. : )

I see. We have received similar reports. But we can't offer any solutions so far.  I'll add a message here if we figure it out in the future.

Again I'm very sorry it doesn't work for you right now. : (

I'm very sorry to hear that, Leila.

Could you describe more about the situation?

Thanks for trying this game again. Bobbly.

You style actually makes the experience much more relaxed. : )

Good video wolf.

Thanks for showing the game on your channel. Watching how the game is played really helps us to understand how to improve it. : )

Cool video, Chris. : )

Your wisdom and humor revealed in the video reminds me Mr White's brother in law from Breaking Bad. Haha.

Hi McFly

Susan's story includes basic tutorial levels, which might offer tips for better controls. However, we do receive many feedbacks suggesting control frustrations. It's been a small challenge for us to find a good solution. But we are trying to get better controls.

We appreciate your acknowledgment and advises.  : )

The pillow bounces up once been hit and stoped hitting. The function is not very well implemented in the game yet. Haha. : )

Hi Entropy Phi

I really fond of your gentle and cute voice. Adding montage into the video is also a creative way of emphasizing humors and ideas.

Although it's succinct, I did learn quite a few things from your video and narration. Thanks for the patient and explicit description about your play experience.  : )


Thank you for trying this game again. : )

Can I ask why you choose to play Bob over the other 2 stories? I ask this because we are trying to refine level designs. We want to find out if gamers prefer certain kind of levels. 

Hey dragan kill

It's one of the funniest plays I ever seen so far. No commentary makes it even funnier at some points. Fallen the edge; throwing out the energy drink; fainted while the cleaners coming from behind you; they are all out of our expectations. 

Well done. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback in details. It really helped us visualize how the experience takes place. Your suggestions are well received here, they will help us focusing on the fun part rather than making the game too punishing. Thanks. : )

Hey, ForgedByGames

I really admire your careful and strategic play style. 

May I ask how do you like the puzzle elements in this game? (Do you think the puzzle solving and the action timing  work well in this game? Or is it over complicating the the simple and silly experience?)

Thanks for sharing your play with us, John. 

We try to make the levels more difficult than it looks so players might feel surprised and challenged. But many feedbacks have pointed out the current difficulty curve fluctuates, and the fails lack sense of rewarding. 

So we are adjusting level sequences as long as add some new play elements right now. A new update will be available soon in about two week and hopefully the levels will be more rewarding and less punishing.  Welcome to try it again.

so sorry for that problem and thank you so much for your feedback

 we will try to find out why this happen and try to fix it.

(1 edit)

oh!thank you so much for feedback this, we just found this phenomenon, it seems not occured in everyone's computer.

we will try to find out what made this happen.

sorry for that problem!

by the way, what the windows version of your computer? i want to check is this related with windows version.