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Great game, thanks for the chance to play it! :) Unfortunately I couldn't find any of your active socials to share this to, hope you get plenty of coverage since this was a lot of fun!

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Thanks for playing! Really enjoyed your video :) You can actually use the circle purple ball thing ("B" on the controller) to push dudes away that are close to you. Helps with those dang riders :D


thanks Alomo! :) Had a lot of fun playing your game! And thank you for the tip, definitely going to be playing again haha


Thank you for this! Its so aweosme to see people TORBin'! We are working on some kind of social media presence for the TORB so we'll post it on the game's page here or on the blog:


very welcome Jason, thank you for the chance to play! A social media presence is a great idea, I can see channels much bigger than my own having a lot of fun with this!