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Hi everyone! Wanted to write a small post about Mac OS Catalina and TORB. TORB was made on a very old version of UNITY from about 10 years ago. This version of unity does not support MacOS Catalina (it didn't exist back then!) and though we've tried to update TORB to a newer version it breaks most of the game and would require months of rework. Since this is a 2-year-old, free game that we made for fun, we simply don't have the time to keep updating it and work on new projects. 

Instead, we've been working on NEW GAMES in the TORB world, hoping that we can remake this experience and have things like online multiplayer and coo-op, VR/non VR players. Our first new game will be out pretty soon (FULL DISCLOSURE: its a TORB VR hockey game), and we have to focus on projects that will eventually allow us to fund more TORB games. 

While this old version of TORB is near and dear to our hearts, we are only 2 people. We have to decide to let go of the old projects and work on the new. There's just not enough time or people to support this free game on the side. Plus, we have jobs we have to focus on as well! So, the bad news is that  there will be no updates to this version of TORB  (until, of course, it wins Game of the Year, makes millions and we can release the remastered version!) . The GOOD NEWS is that we can work on games that will build up to more physically-based action games, and eventually the perfect version of TORB! I apologize to MacOS Catalina users ( I used to be a Mac gamer, I feel your pain) and I hope in the future we can all play a version of TORB online together!

Awesome that you discovered us, thank you! The free version of TORB will not be receiving any new updates here, unfortunately.  We both have other jobs/projects, and we are spending our time making  new TORB  games. We have not abandoned TORB as a concept, and we continue to work on physics-based games in the TORB universe! We will post any updates on our progress here. Until then, enjoy the free version and we hope you make some sweet sandbox levels, chop some gorblyns, battle your friends! Thanks again!

Honestly I'm not sure, I don't have a mac to test it on...however ITS FREE! so feel free to try it out

Yea there are no updates planned for this version of TORB. we are working on new games, but its all in our free time so progress usually comes in bursts. We will announce any new TORB stuff here first!

Unfortunately, Its all done in our spare time, and right now we don't have a ton of that, HOWEVER we do work on several projects/ideas, and they all build towards another game like this.  We have a big vision for this game, and as physics and networking  start to get faster and better, we will hopefully get to realize it!

HI! Sorry you are having trouble. I don't have a Mac, cant test this, but I can download the file for mac no problem.

Im not sure, i dont have one. Though i used to use a Dualshock 3 to play it about 7 years ago (i had to have a  special driver then but things might have changed)!

Thank you so much for saying that! 

Thank you all for trying out TORB! When we passed 4k downloads we were blown away! I'm sorry that we aren't updating THIS version of the game, we both have a bunch of work commitments and we are cooking up some new stuff on the side. We highly encourage players to try streaming services like Parsec ( for some "online couch" multiplayer. We will keep you posted on the future of TORB!

Aagh! sorry about that, we haven't tested it on MacOs in a while. TORB is such an old game made on an old version of the engine....I'll do my best, but unfortunately I cant make any promises for the near future. Never fear, though, we are still working on TORB when we can!

TORB will continue, but its development is kind of a prolonged, fun art project. I cant say when, but there will be more TORB!

Thanks so much for making these! Hope you like the new update and new weapons!

Thank you! Huge update almsot ready, will post it soon!

Awesome! So cool to see people playing CO-OP!Huge update coming very very very soon.  New stages, a proper options menu, even more cool stuff. Almost done, so watch for it soon!

Thanks for this very thoughtful stuff! We are always exploring more ways to play TORB and we will deinetly keep feedback like this in mind.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm glad you like it! 

Thanks for playing guys!


Hey Cool Mann! You need to have another controller plugged in, then at the player select screen (the screen after you pick a game mode) have the other player press A on their controller. Left and right and up and down select players color and symbol. If players have the same color in Versus Mode, they are on the same team. Team battles are fun, and if you get really good, you can fight three of your pals at once for a true trial by TORB!

making new tutorials on the finer points of TORB!

Thanks so much for the kind words! Im sorry to say that this old TORB does not support LAN play. It can only be splitscreened.  This version of TORB  will probably not see too many updates. But stay tuned for news of future TORB, its an idea we are definelty hooked on.

A little new to this, but we have a TORB Dischord now running. Hopefully we can make it a place to share Torbish exploits, swap Crystal Techniques, and just Torbtalk it out.

Thank you for this! Its so aweosme to see people TORBin'! We are working on some kind of social media presence for the TORB so we'll post it on the game's page here or on the blog:

Thanks! Glad you like it! Yes, the beascon is intended for finding buds. Its also pretty good for puctuating a victory in VS, or maybe initiating a duel, whatever you like!

Thanks man! This video is so amazing and surreal. We've never watched someone play TORB for this long, esp since I just finished that waves mode a few days ago! So glad you like it!

You can pick different weapons in the sandbox mode. If you pick the player from the sandbox menu on the right you can chose between hammer, bow, 2 swords, and saber. But beware, they aren't really as balanced as the good ol' Crystal Blade! Really, really encourage you to try out VS with some pals. Things get real.

Thanks so much! Glad you like it! Keep on TORBin'!

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Our Finally Finish Something 2019 Jam entry is a game we've tinkered with for 6 years! True physics-based swordplay with single player, splitscreen vs and couch co-op.  Swashbuckle in a crystal dimension of infinite possibilities!