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I like the Atari 2600 Star Wars estitic.  But the fact you have to wait for an alien to pickup a present before you can get credit for saving it seems wrong.  To me it would be more intuitive if you just have to touch an unclaimed present.

What is your preferred platform? (Unity, Construct 3, etc.)  Also what do mean by 'TCP/IP'?  Depending your needs, server platform, and game client platform UDP or Websockets may be a better choose instead of low level TCP/IP programming.

What are the size and color depth of the sprites?

I want to produce an  updated version of the Atari 2600 game Yars Revenge with more modern graphics  The game must have gamepad support.  This should be simple because the game will only use the direction pad, a pause button, and a fire button.  I can supply 2D vector graphics on request.  

This maybe your controller.  I have a USB controller that is  replicate of the Sega Saturn controller (not the analog one.)   On most controllers Button 1 would be Start.  On mine it's Button 9.  The bottom row is usually Button 1, 2, and 3  to match older game controllers (Atari, NEC, NES/Familcom,  Sega 8 bit systems like the Master System, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive 3 button,  etc) but on mine its Button 4,  2, 1.  I can go into cases button you get the idea.

I'm just getting in developing in TIC-80 but could you create setup screen? instead of hard coding the settings put the button ID into an array.  arrButton[0] = 6 (button 6).  Also if your setting could could be saved (cookie, LocalStorage, text file) you wouldn't have to reset your configuration when swope cartrages.

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Can you export your game and get  a full screen mode? Is there a command line switch in Windows for full screen mode?

Thanks all

From every thing I've seen the system is a Lua code compiled down Assembly (ASM.js?) running on top off JavaScript with a minimalist HTML5 library. 

Thats a lot of technical mobojumble. In plain English it means: it's extremely effecent. But it requires a modern brower to work right.

You might be able to get around some of the HTML5 limitations by adding Modernizr (sp?) or some other JavaScript library.  Modernizr tries to fill in the gaps that older browser don't support. As some other people said the PSP is very low power.

To work right someone would have to make a native compiler. Which is very fesible due to low resourse TIC-80 takes.

Do you have a video of the game play?

I really like the music and character design but I couldn't play the Alpha. My mouse cursor kept disappearing and my keyboard actions didn't seem to register. I have a touch screen on my PC it didn't always register my click events. Maybe you could do a debug build with Node Webkit? Or at least not hide the cursor. Also it looked like you were a couple of version behind on Node Webkit.