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Teenage Code

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Most games will say that they are a potential virus because they are just small, quick projects without proper validation settings. It's safe to run. 

Hi, this game wasn't made FOR the current 7dfps game jam, but last year I made a similar gta clone for last year's 7dfps, so I figured I would enter this as a submission nonetheless.

you're right, that's my bad. I got it fixed.

Thanks, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the saving functionality and I didn't have enough time to fix it sorry

What do you mean? I included some pictures in the main page, where else do you think I should put some?

Definitely not a virus, you can just play the browser version if you want complete safety.

I had a set of nodes in the world that were positioned all around the map. When the npc reaches one of those nodes (which is detected by an area node), it moves on to the next node. I explainded it a little bit more in this video at about 1:28

I recommend that you learn the basics of Godot before moving on to a GTA sized- project.  Nothing in specific about the game is actually that hard, its basically just a bunch of assets (map model, sfx, guns, etc) from random places all strung together with code in Godot. Besides, I'm kinda embarrassed by how bad the code is lol. If you want to know about how anything is specific works, just ask!

I'm not sure if I'll be doing the game jam since it's 2 months away still but I would be down to make a team, I'm mostly a programmer so it would be cool to have an artist as well.

Wow It's cool to see that somebody actually beat it!

Are you guys still working on this?

Pretty cool that you were able to create an entire tilemap placement sort of thing along with all the tycoon functions. pretty cool.

Pretty cool idea, I imagine it doing well as one of those mobile assassin games if you were to add more levels and stuff. It also kind of reminded me of that one level in GTA V where you are in a helicopter and a similar thing is happening with hostages. It appeared that the 1234 buttons to move views didn't work but that could just be me. Overall pretty good game for a short game jam.

Oh cool, how many of them do you plan on playing?

It's a pretty good art style, and I always love to see a fellow Godot user. I wish there were more levels, especially since an interact mechanic was introduced but only used at the beginning. Pretty fun little game besides that.

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had a lot of fun just messing around with the weapons lol

yeah, you’re right. This was all thrown in to _physics_proccess() with lots of branches determining which set of code to run, which in hindsight was a pretty bad idea. Next time I’ll use _InputEvent(Event) and maybe pull some of the code out of _physics_process(). I probably also should have worked on some of the input mapping a couple days before I released the game so I had more time to realize what went wrong with it XD. Thanks for the suggestions

Thank you! I had some better plans for the control system but I ran short of time.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! If it were up to you to make the game, how would you have wanted the input controls? P.S I originally had an Input map section but it didn't export very well so it had to be cut.

no, you're definitely right, I focused too much on functionality and not enough on the game itself XD

Hey, I'm new to game jams, so please forgive the stupid question.

since we are copying a game, isn't there any copyright laws that we are supposed to be aware of?

I'm new to game jams - how would you go about sending the audio file?