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Noted! If @aBlueHuman and I ever continue this in the future, we'll bare this in mind 

Ahaha thanks! Saying you were itching for more means a lot!

Thanks! @aBlueHuman  art has that effect ;)

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for hosting this jam, this is the very first jam I've entered and definitely don't be the last!

You are very kind! :)

Thanks! The main menu was a fun one to design!

Thanks for playing!

I love my hard 2D platformers but damn!

Thanks! @aBlueHuman was behind most of the art/animations while I was the lead programmer
Both of us haven't played Pizza Tower (yet) and now I feel like I kinda need to 😅 

Thanks!  Funny you said that, I've never played a Metroid game (yet)
I'd love to work with @aBlueHuman on this more eventually but this kinda burnet me out towards the end of the 10 days

@aBlueHuman was the main man behind the art 😎

Thanks for playing! Yeah there are a ton of mechanics I would love to add if we ever revised this concept again such as adding a cool-down when Billy explodes as well as other stuff


Glad you like it!

Thanks very much!

Boom 💣

The story, theme and art style is right up my alley!
I'm super impressed you got this done in only 10 days!

I'd love to see this idea fully fleshed out if you deice to do so

Fun Arcade experience!