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I heard there’s a frog wrestler in this…

I’ve been using this together with Worlds Without Number, Numenera, and Perilous Wilds for a solo game and it’s worked fantastically.

It should stay at 6 and you keep adding conditions. Hopefully you deal with the horrible thing quickly!

Glad you enjoyed it! Not sure I follow you - is the problem that you’re trying to print it on either side of the same piece of paper, or on two separate papers?

A cool little adventure with a simple yet universal hook. Makes a great countdown in a longer campaign!

Inspiring layout choices here!

Fun take on Into the Odd with a couple of handy mechanical additions, some extra random tables, and lots of fun “Denizens of the Underworld”. Glad you did this.

Wait, you’re going to another site in the same tab? I can leave Dordle in the tab where it is, go check my email or bank or whatever else I’m doing, then come back to this tab and everything’s fine.

Not beyond the initial description of the site. The doors and encounters provide the procedural fodder to add onto what the map itself shows.

This has been super helpful; thank you so much for making it.

Exactly the sort of thing that you can find useful in your game regardless of whether you’re running an existing module, your own custom setup, or just trying to keep up with whatever your players are doing.

Does exactly what it says! Very helpful for folks working in what’s become my preferred setup for small things. Worth your time and money.

Really curious how folks are handling the materialization of Death Agents on a planet. Do they stay in their gaseous form as long as possible? Do they like to appear as local lifeforms? Can they switch between forms at will? What has been fun for your groups?

(If there’s a better place to discuss this, like a WCGC Discord or anything, let me know!)

I have never played another game like this. Despite the death metal trappings, the game need not be particularly grimdark, and it becomes almost literally exactly as gonzo (or not) and horrifying (or not) as your group desires!

We played one of the planet suggestions in the book. It turns out that the GM does need a couple of minutes of prep to flesh out the mission, complications, opponents, etc. The game relies more on the entire group riffing on each other’s words, memories, actions, and imagery, and when you’re done, you will have had a truly fresh play experience.

Necronautilus particularly lends itself to episodic play: just make sure that you finish a mission before the end of the session, and each will be self-contained. So if you decide on a campaign, it’s okay if the group composition varies slightly from one session to the next. Go through the procedures for space complications and ship adventures if you wish, or just land on the next planet, do the mission, and do the upkeep procedure at the end.

I recommend having a good anagram solver on hand and maybe some additional word lists if you want. The rules reference in the back cover are decent, but they could probably use some page references for those situations in which you want more detail.

We’re looking forward to playing again!

  1. Do Memories ever get erased? The rules reference at the back says they “fracture” when you roll equal to their value (like a Word of Power) but I can’t otherwise find that in the text. Since page 17 indicates that a player can have “up to 4 Memories”, what happens when those fill up?

  2. Can players move Words from their Collection to the “Power list” during a mission, or should they only do this when in the ship between missions? Otherwise, how do they have more than 3 Words of Power?

  3. When a four-letter word fractures, does the player just take 3 life and remove the word?

Apologies if I missed references in the text that answer these!

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This is the basis of another game I’m working on, actually, that started as World of Ultraviolet Grasslands but is evolving somewhat. I wrote this version explicitly for the Pleasure Not Business Card Jam.

Oh this has my attention and now I want to drop all my projects to hack on this!

Any thoughts about releasing the original LaTeX file?

Dyson’s Delve is not exactly a megadungeon, but it’s big enough to be a tentpole for a while. Maybe it’s a kilodungeon? I believe he has updated maps somewhere as well.

Similarly, the Near Moon in Ultraviolet Grasslands is intended as a “generative spherical megadungeon” and I really really like it.

Looking forward to more “blue collar / lo fi sci fi”, especially if the final layout keeps getting polished! Less psionics and FTL, more asteroid miners trying to make a buck in an impoverished solar system.

I think it’s more like “you don’t have to ask” (but also, you might not be realizing that this is not a video game jam).

Nobody will restrict the axolotls, though!

24XX Jam community · Created a new topic Resources

Let’s collect together resources that might be useful to folks for the jam. Post more below!

The “lo-fi sci-fi” aesthetic is common in the Mothership RPG community as well, so here are a few popular sites and tools from that community.

  • Playscii: “Playscii is an open source ASCII art, animation, and game creation program. It runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.”
  • NEWT Blueprint Builder: Map drawing tool modeled after the look of the Nostromo computers
  • Dungeon Scrawl: “Dungeon Scrawl is a mapping tool developed by Keir, aka @ProbableTrain. It aims to be an easy-to-grasp tool with a high skill ceiling, empowering artists by automatically taking care of the most time-consuming stuff.” Includes spaceship styles.
  • Starship Geomorphs: “Hundreds of detailed deck plan geomorphs for creating starships, space stations, starports, or buildings.” All in the style of the Traveller RPG.
  • Atomic Rockets: “Sample Scifi Universe” with a ridiculous amount of resources.
  • Retro Battlestations: Old-school computer rigs (subreddit)
  • Photomosh: “PhotoMosh lets you glitch images, videos and webCam using WebGL effects. Save output as image, GIF or video.”

Nice! I agree that the original spread in EB was too forgiving for my tastes… Blades in the Dark can have the opposite specifically because players can choose to resist consequences, and in any case often those consequences are “tick a clock”, not always immediate.

Apparently I just have an older copy… thanks for the answer!

24XX Jam community · Created a new topic On Rolling

It’s interesting to me that the SRD and most of the microgames have roll outcomes on a spread of 1-2/3-4/5+, but Inner System Blues instead uses 1/2-3/4+. Do you have thoughts about considerations for picking an outcome spread? just started

Currently thinking about a Trophy Dark incursion themed around Blasphemy, maybe set in church ruins or something. Touchstones in my mind include “The Nun”, Mörk Borg, and Castlevania Season 3.

My first Twine and inspired by what Pandora played for me as I napped quietly.