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This is a really unique and awesome game!  I found it by watching your YouTube channel.  I really like the combination of music and battle.  I would like more bosses and mini bosses but I understand that those will be added in the full release!  I would definitely buy the full game if it isn't too expensive and I already have it wish listed.  Very promising great job!


Thanks for the feedback! I've never thought of adding damage boosting but it's a great idea!

Thanks for the feedback! Both the player and the bombs were hand drawn maybe the smaller lines on the bombs and the fact that I used a circle as a template and then drew on another layer.

Thanks for the feedback!

I love this game's story and art work! I would kind of like to be able to see what the options would do. Although that might take away from the game. Very nice game!


Thanks for the feedback! I will admit that the enemy's health ramped up way too fast and that there does need to health the player with harder enemies. 

Thanks for the feed back!  Yeah I did think of it but at that time I though the jam ended at 2pm Tuesday not 2am so I never had time to implement it.

Thanks for the feedback! 

I might just have to look into that bug.

Thanks for the feedback. I would have liked to make more levels too but I ran out of time. :(

For some reason you can click on the words even if it's not visible. But I do really like the concept. Nice job!

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This was a really challenging game but I loved it. It might have been better to have a dedicated button for reeling in. But besides that it is a wonderful game!

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This is such a good game I love the pixel art. This may or may not be a glitch but even if you don't stay alive long enough to get to the end you can still get to it. If I had to complain about one thing it would be the double laser beam which for the life of me I can't avoid. Wonderful game!

This is a very neat game. It does get hard though. I didn't really get how the theme was used. With a bit more polish this could be a really nice game!

I say go for it if you can get the team back together!


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I got to wave 11 if I didn't try something stupid with the sword I would have gotten to wave 12. There is only one this that I would want changed and that would be some way to get more health. Maybe a glory kill system like in Doom 2016? This is a very good game I loved playing it!

I found a glitch where I could push a block into another


This is a nice game and I like the idea but I could figure out how to use the robot correctly. I would of preferred wasd controls  but its not that big of a deal. Overall nice game!

I like the concept but the shop doesn't work and I would like a mining animation as well. But I do like the mechanics and it is a nice jam game. Good job!


I like the art and the idea but the rounds were a little long. I lost because somehow I played a card before the introduction to the game was over. Nice game! 

I didn't realize how I was meant to change music at first or that I didn't have the ability at first. After that I still didn't realize how the music effected the world besides jumping and attacking. It's a nice concept.

Nice game! I loved the graphics, voice over and sound effects! Did get past the second real level though couldn't figure out what to do.

This is a nice concept. At first I didn't know what to do but after I read the comments and realized what to do I enjoyed infecting the world with the rainbow plague 😂. Although some how it still got blow up... Really great game!

I loved the graphics and animations. Some how I was able to use a keyboard to play but because of that I found the combat was very difficult.  But I might revisit this when I have more time. Great game!  

Thanks for playing. I do agree that some level complete delay would be good.  My play tester recommended that I add click and drag controls and I'm glad he did! I'm glad you liked it! 

I loved the art but I had no idea what I was meant to do. Please make a tutorial!

Very nice game I loved the level design and the mechanics and sound. The movement did feel a bit slippery though.  IMO the player's move speed was a little slow for me but without the slipperyness  remove I feel it would be too much. Good job.

I really loved you storytelling and voice over. Your sense of humor is great. I really liked the way you constructed the world. Overall nice ____ I really liked the experience!  

This seams very fun and I played it on slow because I haven't found anyone else to play with. It seems very polished. I love the art and the overall aesthetic. I can't believe this was made in one hundred hours! Great game I might revisit this if I find someone to play with! 

For me this game is kinda hard. When the opponent was added fully I couldn't get through at all. This is a very good little game!

Nice idea although I didn't get how to win after "Be yourself". But it is definitely a interesting game!

Man this was hard but very rewarding when you got it right. My score was in the negitive numbers. Nice game!

I didn't get all the way though it but what I did read was very well written. The only real thing I can complain about is the very small typos. But overall very great game, book, thing? 

This is a very nice puzzle game but I found a small glitch. Nice game though!

Neat idea I think it could be improved by using a tile system. If you added more levels and more challenge this could be a nice little game.


1v1 pinball very interesting. I never won though. :( Nice little game though.