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Looks awesome! I wish I could've made the stream to get someone to play it with. As someone who has played with Photon before I'm very impressed you managed to make a multiplayer game in 5 days. The controls could use some refinement. It especially felt weird that the "tractor beam" (for lack of a better term) was locked pointing in one direction. I feel like it should've changed with the look direction. Well done!

I added a little bit in the description about the D20. Thanks for playing and for the suggestions!

Well it's not that much of a game, I did enjoy looking at your architecture for what it's worth. Also nice trees

Thank you for the feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Okay I got it fixed. Thank you SO much for telling me

Oh great my panic build broke :(

In my opinion the controls feel too touchy and at first I had a hard time seeing what I was controlling. The obstacles need a bit more variety as well. I honestly had a lot of fun playing this game and if you decide to update this game I would play it again without hesitation. Well done! 

I juuust got to the end then died :(. I really liked how the music would switch in each level. I really wish I could jump while upside down although that may screw up the levels.

This is one of the more well polished games from this jam! I'm kinda confused as to why a spider is running away from flies tho.

This is the most polished game from this jam I've played. I really liked the art style and sound effects (which almost everyone else didn't do). It is a little annoying when the ghost go into the floor though.

I ended up having to "flappy-bird" my way through this. Sadly I wan't able to get past level two. Perhaps the gravity could be reduced to make it more forgiving? The spike also need smaller hitboxes. Not bad!

Actually not horrible. Could use more polish but that's kinda hard to do in one day.


I hope so!

Sadly I wasn't able to get past chamber 2 due to the escape menu not working. Also since this is a WebGL build the escape menu really should be bound to something else. Also I would have appreciated if the controls were listed, even if it was just a block of text in the description. I'm really sad that I couldn't properly play this and will definitely try the post-jam version if there is one.

Thanks! This is probably my favorite game I've made in quite some time so I fully intend to make more levels at some point.

I'm sure you've heard enough about the menu glitch. :P  I really liked how it felt to move the character. Very chaotic, fitting! Sadly on the last level I jumped and it sent me to heaven knows where. Also THAT JUMP SCARE! It actually made me flinch lol.

I could not figure out how to get the delivery person to actually pick up a pizza.

Quick tip: if your using the itch desktop app you   can download it. But I think we ran out of time and forgot sadly. Thanks for playing!

This is a game that I    meant to only play for 15 minutes but.... it ended up being half an hour. Good job! You nailed the theme. I got stuck on level 3 for 15 minutes and decided to call it quits there. You really have something here!

Thanks for playing! The description has been updated with controls in it because of your feedback.


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First of all thank you for the very detailed and helpful feedback.
1. This was a glitch in character that we only figured out right after the jam was over.

2. The names of the objectives are a little bit confusing but objectives just increase  the amout of points you get for breaking certain objects.

3. I'm not the music man so I can't really say anything lol.

4. Noted.

5. Had plans but ran out of time lol.

Once again thank you for playing our game!

Sadly I didn't have a friend to play it with but I wish I did. This looks like it would be very fun with somebody else to play with. I think you may want to increase the player gravity though because if you got a "speed power up" (or whatever you want to call them) it was actually worse because you went flying a lot. Overall: Good job!

This was a really fun little game! The  interpretation of the theme, although not what I would have chosen lol, was, in fact, very chaotic. I liked the art and sounds. I meant to play this game for like 5 minutes but it ended up being more like 10 or 15! Good job! Also, shameless plug here: my team made a game! Don't feel at all pressured to play or anything but it your interested here's the link:

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I've never done that before. 🙄 Nope couldn't be me.

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This game was a lot of fun to play. I really liked almost musical element to it. I would have preferred a more gradual difficulty curve, but I understand that there may not have been enough time to add more levels. For some reason the paddle always defaulting to the middle threw me off the entire play through. I think that's just my brain being weird though. Anyways very polished as always. Good job!  (edit: for some reason I did better on the last level than on level three lol)

Thanks for the feedback.

Pretty fun. I liked the balance you had between simple but not boring. It definitely needs a better tutorial and better sprites.

Thanks for the feedback. The leaderboard is real and took like two days to get going.  You can keep going for ever but you won't get any bonus at the end.

Needs some more levels maybe some enemies, music and sound effects. Cute concept!

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My high score is 36. (Aww crap this is golf isn't it)  This is  so well done. The sound track is hilarious. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback!

I liked the concept but it was kinda buggy. Would have like more polish but overall not a bad game.

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It's not working on either chrome or edge. Sorry I was looking forward to playing this one. Oh.. just realized there is a windows build.

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Yeah chrome is doing some weird junk with unity web gl right now for me. Thankfully (eh) Windows won't let me uninstall Edge and that seems to work fine. (Edited)

Might be a little on the difficult side.  I like the gun choices. Nice game!