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Thanks for the feedback.

Pretty fun. I liked the balance you had between simple but not boring. It definitely needs a better tutorial and better sprites.

Thanks for the feedback. The leaderboard is real and took like two days to get going.  You can keep going for ever but you won't get any bonus at the end.

Needs some more levels maybe some enemies, music and sound effects. Cute concept!

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My high score is 36. (Aww crap this is golf isn't it)  This is  so well done. The sound track is hilarious. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback!

I liked the concept but it was kinda buggy. Would have like more polish but overall not a bad game.

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It's not working on either chrome or edge. Sorry I was looking forward to playing this one. Oh.. just realized there is a windows build.

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Yeah chrome is doing some weird junk with unity web gl right now for me. Thankfully (eh) Windows won't let me uninstall Edge and that seems to work fine. (Edited)

Might be a little on the difficult side.  I like the gun choices. Nice game!

Thanks I really apricate it!

Thank you!

Thank you very much! I really apricate you taking to time to play my game!

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P.S. a tutorial might have been nice also my scores are "AHHHHHHHH" and "HELP"

I really can't say anything bad about this. It was well polished although it could use more biomes. Also I really liked the upgrade system. Great game!

Thanks for the feedback

Hmm I should have made it clearer that the bonus was calculated based on how few speed powerups you picked up. Thanks for the feedback

Thanks very much!

Unity WebGL wasn't loading for some reason. The unity navmesh need some work. Also more polish (Player model, animation, etc.) would have been nice. Other wise this is a cute little game. I would really apricate feedback on my game "In the Eyes of the Dragon"

I liked how you made a full website in only a week. It was annoying how it had to refresh every time you moved. The core gameplay wasn't bad either. Nice little game! I would greatly apricate it if you played my game "In the Eyes of the Dragon"

I really like it. It took a while for me to wrap my head around the game but after that it was a lot of fun. This might be my favorite game from this jam so far. I would really apricate feedback on my game "In the Eyes of the Dragon" 

I really liked the concept! It was a little on the hard side but I  think with some work this could be a really nice game. Keep making games, my first game wasn't very good at all. I would really apricate it if you played my game "In the Eyes of the Dragon" 

This is a nice polished jam game! I like the music and the sfx. I also liked the shot gun (Maybe a little to much) and the shops. There we a few instances where a door would close before I was completely through also that is really only a visual thing. I wish the enemies we a bit slower and  maybe a dash cooldown as well. Also I found a glitch where you can't get hit before you dash at least once. Overall nice little game! I would greatly apricate if you played my game "In the Eyes of the Dragon" 

P.S. I also liked the music and how it changed in the later levels.

I really liked the level progression although I didn't really like how the first level was empty. It was kinda confusing. I like the art style. it reminded me a lot of Noa's art style. (Although I suppose that is intentional) Overall a very well polished game. Good job!

Sorry about the play again button I changed the way a scene manager script worked and for got to fix that. I really like the signifier idea, thanks! Also a back button isn't a bad idea either. I kinda designed the "Black things" after barbed wire. Probably should have put more thought into that. Also this was for the Blackthronprod game jam. Kind of forgot to enter it, I still have some time left so I'll try to use your feedback! 

Please report any bugs you find here!

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Unfortunately I found i this  just on the edge of being playable and unplayable. For some reason my computer  decided to pick a fight with your game.   It would have been fun if it wasn't running   at like 10 frames per second.  Really like the concept though!

p.s. I think I figured out what the problem is. I think  you didn't multiply the movement speed by Time.deltaTime.

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I really like the concept! Although I have a few annoyances. Better turning would be nice and for some reason the enemy cars could drive though walls?!?!? But overall it is a very good game.

p.s. I really liked the explosions.

This is a really   nice game!   If anything I wish it had a slightly less extreme difficulty curve.  But over all it's a very nice game!   Fire   and   Ice   are   very  nice.

Thanks! I didn't really invest as much time into the enemies AI as I should of. But hey that's a game jam for you.

This is a really unique and awesome game!  I found it by watching your YouTube channel.  I really like the combination of music and battle.  I would like more bosses and mini bosses but I understand that those will be added in the full release!  I would definitely buy the full game if it isn't too expensive and I already have it wish listed.  Very promising great job!


Thanks for the feedback! I've never thought of adding damage boosting but it's a great idea!

Thanks for the feedback! Both the player and the bombs were hand drawn maybe the smaller lines on the bombs and the fact that I used a circle as a template and then drew on another layer.

Thanks for the feedback!

I love this game's story and art work! I would kind of like to be able to see what the options would do. Although that might take away from the game. Very nice game!


Thanks for the feedback! I will admit that the enemy's health ramped up way too fast and that there does need to health the player with harder enemies. 

Thanks for the feed back!  Yeah I did think of it but at that time I though the jam ended at 2pm Tuesday not 2am so I never had time to implement it.