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e.g. you could upload each prototype version that works well enough, if you wanted to make sure that there was something online in time for the end date

Once you’ve submitted a game to the jam, you should be able to update it just by uploading a newer version to itch. Once the jam’s completed, however, you won’t be able to update it until after the voting period has finished (which might be a week). But after that, you can do as many updates as you have motivation to keep working on! … I still need to make some updates and fixes to my last jam game :( I’ll get around to it… eventually

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*o* such praise! Thank you very much :) I didn’t get much time for it over the weekend, but looking forward to improving it based on everyone’s feedback :) Thanks for playing!

*facepalm* Yep, of course movement would be faster diagonally. I see what I did, just adding on to the position when I test for which keys were pressed. I’ll probably change it to an acceleration/velocity movement system instead later (which will make it easier to normalise), and have the camera lag behind the player a bit for extra feel.

And yeah, I thought about some visual feedback for attacks on both sides but didn’t get time for it; I’d probably add some bloody particles splattered everywhere! Everyone loves particles ;D Thanks for the feedback!

Nice idea; but a lot of the time I couldn’t figure out what I needed to use to fulfil the person’s request, even after hovering and reading all the descriptions. And by the time I’d done that, I’d run out of time. So I ended up trying some at random to get the curse made in time, and had a similar success rate as before.

It would be nicer if the pop-up appeared immediately on hover so sslloowweerr folks like me get a chance to read it, and maybe extend the time and/or decrease the clicking requirement at least on the first play through (since the ingredients change every time so there’s not much chance to get used to them). Maybe with more practice I might get it, but it’s difficult to keep playing when it feels like I’m being punished for either not understanding which ingredients to use in the first place or for not finding the right ones quickly enough. The kinds of people who come to buy curses are mean :( lol

But it is a cool idea; would like to try it again.

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Hey! Thanks for writing such an extensive comment. As you saw I had less than 12 hours to work on it, so things like balance were lower priority than having it working well, sadly. The flashlight didn’t even dim (the whole point of the game) until the very end, haha!

It is a bit slow; I did try to make things a bit faster, but the player quickly became so fast it was unwieldy and the zombos so fast it was unfair to the player, but I’ll try and fine tune it at a later date to make it harder >:)

Yes, the spawn rate of the zombos was capped so that they weren’t being spawned too frequently, but again it probably could have gotten a bit more frequent. If I had more time for playtesting it for longer, I may have found it got quite easy and tuned it down.

Being able to see the zombies in a short range behind the player was supposed to be so that the player is never taking damage that they don’t know where it’s coming from (which I now realise sort of goes against the point); I could tone down the range of that visibility to make it more difficult and surprising, maybe so it only shows them when they actually hit you.

You get points over time and when you hit zombos; I can’t reproduce getting kill points just by hitting.

I was thinking about zombies having multiple hit points and bouncing them back when they get hit, but didn’t get time to get that working. I could have just changed their lives to a higher number, but there would need to be feedback so the player knew they had actually hurt it. And I agree the map is boring, another person suggested adding obstacles.

Sorry about the sounds; I could make them quieter as time goes on… then it would be even more spooky when you don’t know they’re being spawned!

All in all, I think I’ll have to do another release after the rating period! I will make this game great!

And you played it long enough to get 1,000,000 points?! *o* I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to give such great feedback!

Smarter zombos would have been nice. I didn’t spend as much time on the attacking as I probably should have (I was rushing a bit to get it done in about 12 hours total). In my mind it was swinging the flashlight rather than shooting (swinging with a 2.5 meter arm - you know, video game logic) but I also found it didn’t always do it on my trackpad, then other times I could spam it with a lot of clicks and run the flashlight down to darkness quickly. So it could be trackpad thing, or it could be a didn’t-give-enough-time-for-proper-testing-and-fixing thing, not sure.

Thanks for playing! :D

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Totally. If I had more time (only got about 12 hours I think to work on it) I would like to have added more. But the enemies felt more difficult on my trackpad than they probably are with a mouse, haha! Thanks for playing :)

The zombies do gradually spawn faster over time until they spawn about twice per second or so, but there’s definitely more could have been done with more time (like you say, an attack animation was something I would have liked, but it went in the “if I have time” list). Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for such praise! ^_^

The attack range is probably a bit high; I didn’t get much time to properly tune the balance unfortunately, maybe I’ll release an improved version after the jam voting period is over.

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Unity has a 2D Point Light which basically handles everything for me; I just turn down the intensity of the light when the player attacks, and turn it up slowly over time. I wanted to change the range as well but that wasn’t accessible from a script, I think that value might be baked in at run time (it is still an ‘experimental’ 2D lighting package). I also wanted shadows casted by the zombos, but didn’t get around to it. All the more to add to a “Remastered” edition! Thanks for playing!

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Ooh, obstacles would have been a great addition! Could have made the room much more interesting to walk around in.

The speed was a bit weird, I must have had a bug somewhere that made it sometimes quite fast while I was trying it in the Unity editor so I tried to slow it down a bit, but once it was published to the WebGL it does feel slower. I was sure I tied it to the frame time so it should have been the same, but nevermind! I’ll be sure to get it right next time :)

Good idea about stamina. I think I only half-implemented the attack mechanic, then thought I’d finished it! That’s what you get when you rush a game in 12 hours.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking the time to try it and leave such a good comment o

Fun little platformer! Liked picking up the pickups and moving faster; made it more exciting, and more difficult at the same time.

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