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We didn't do it on purpose... Or did we?

Happy to see someone enjoyed that much!

Glad you like it!

Very well put game, reminded me a game I played before, I like this.

Thanks for feedback, I guess you wanted to tell when you could attack via some sort of UI? I agree, that would make sense.

Glad you liked overall experience :)

Someone catched that reference!

I want to see this game fixed out, I did a lot of attempts even though theres crucial bugs needs to be fixed such as picking up items, pressing E on object not working (probably needs a fix about radius) Game has potential on its own :)

Oh boy once they find you, you have no escape as they are fast as well

Damn slime enemies are bouncing you up and catching you up all the time without a wait was very annoying, I tried to push through castle but that enemy so annoyed me I had to quit lol.

Nice cute puzzle game :)

When you hover over any button, you can see a tooltip appears below, Im not sure why you missed it.

This isnt my first game but I admit it was rushen over because in first days we couldn't manage it well as it can happen on any jam. I hope I can deliver more quality games in one week, thanks.

Yeah believe me I know how it is to rush... I didnt sleep on last day to deliver this game.

yeah maybe at least a map would help for sure but I delivered everything on latest hours :))

Yeah its hard to make a dungeon crawler in 1 week but we definetely tried to make a playable game :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed our game :)

I wanted to penalty player a bit since we couldnt do what all we want such as items :D

You can press ESC and Restart level if you get stuck

Good concept and fine level design, I would think about using little guy a bit more to get into tight places like you did on some levels. Pretty good job, liked the game.

great reference to assassination classroom :D thank you

You can restart level by ESC menu, give it a shot!

There were some parts that been made difficult on purpose, but I guess you also been annoyed by long voice line playing over and over again!

Thank you black lotus, glad you enjoyed our game!

I appreciate the true criticism about movement stuff, I really should study on them more. And colliders were certainly a thing that overlooked which we got report about a bit! Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Ah yeah I really should've find solution for that level

Thank you jimmy! Will see if narrator is also gonna comment this down below

I really should work on camera movements on my next games like this :D

You can always restart by pressing ESC if you can't pass boxes on middle!

Thanks! Hope to make more games like this (and better ones!)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

That's a good job done! I really liked some lines and funny parts of story and enjoyed finishing story.

Thank you for playing through all game! We've added checkpoints to almost every level because we didn't want voice lines play over and over again (except a certain level) Did you listen to all voice lines over again on PC version? I might be missed PC version doesn't have all checkpoints! (We were focused on get WebGL version working)

Very well done game, i really liked the mechanics and challenging stuff!

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I went to 1700 then gave up. I did want the shower "hmm" 's to match actual audio, but seems like they are different. It would be so much better since there is a transition going on.

We do hope so, working on it! Glad you enjoyed the idea.

Let's hope we can keep this up!

Enjoyed the game, thumbs up.

As others said, this game has some different vibe in it, I liked it!

I appreciate the honest review. Yeah, the camera is surely a thing that should be worked on first. I'll keep in mind to add a lookout feature as well.