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So glad you liked it thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Very sorry you got stuck. We are constantly looking for more of those places and doing our best to fix them.

We have a new update on our game! This includes Mac support, some bug fixes, and a download of our Soundtrack! Check it out!

Created a new topic New Update! v1.0.1

Hey Everyone!

We have released the Mac version of our game a long with a few bug fixes involving resolution size, as well as some more juice to the game. Included is also a zip file with the soundtrack!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Hello! Glad you enjoyed the game. Yes this is a bug we are aware of. We are releasing a Mac version of the game soon, and ideally this will be fixed along with some extra narrative stuff being added.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks Leafo!

Thanks! We definitely went for a "deluminator" vibe from Harry Potter but I love your interpretation as well!

Hello All! 

Team Lumin is proud to present our game, Lumin!

Explore a new world powered by light as you bring the stars of a fallen constellation back to their place in the sky. 

Check out our website with links to other media here


Hey thanks for the feedback! I agree with more time we could've pushed this game further. This game was created on a 9 month timescale and through many iterations and massive mechanic overhauls, we limited our time towards the end of our development process to create what you played. More puzzles were definitely in the running but with large playtests we found that simpler was better for a larger audience. We are very glad you enjoyed the experience.