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the nuke made me go haha

its spreading

I think it would be cool if you could use the spells before you're supposed to have discovered them. 

meow init

i speedran this game

its like if Luftrausers took the silly pill

cool game i like it a lot

people should speedrun this game

better than only up

he likes to boogie woogie

i think its too easy and could do with a lot more polish but its pretty good

cool reload animation

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I agree that the rockets could have been better executed in places.

i was quite frankly shocked and baffled by these teeth's shenanigans 

You're right. I just read the like suggestion thing they had at the bottom and  my 5am brain was like yep that's the only thing you can do.

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This limitation is abysmal. Like bro I just wanna make a cool web game and you're telling me that I've got to add this goofy as heck limitation.  This is the biggest bruh moment in game jam history. 

Edit: The more I think about it the more the limitation is fine. I wrote this originally at 5am and put very little thought into it. It is not in fact the limitation that is goofy as heck, but it is me who is goofy as heck.

game cancel!!! so sad!!!! :'(

I typed Julie Ghoul into the book. I did not die :(

I think its a bit too unforgiving because you die pretty quickly and you get sent back pretty far if you die. Also its kind of weird how enemies don't notice you after you shot their friend in the head right in front of them. Also it runs pretty poorly, when I shoot or kill an enemy it often freezes for a second. Its a cool game and I like it a lot but these things prevent me from having too much fun with it.

this is fully intentional due to not fully utilized cognitive function

I feel like you just didn't want to do collisions

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really fun game but i got this crash. "memory allocation failed: attempting to allocate 433152000 bytes at gml_obj_shadow_renderer_draw_0"

also i feel like the parry and the push could be the same thing? it just feels a bit weird having 3 buttons that are all just different version of pushing the shield forward

cool game very goofy, would be cool if there was another section with something to do with the fire extinguisher or engine room but still very fun and cool goofy game. 

trash man 3 - taking out the trash

I think having an option to swap the left and right inputs would be nice. I understand that its to represent each leg but I would find it more intuitive if you turned in the direction you were pressing. 

music still bangs, you can get into the walls if you get pushed in by the moving ones

i liked when he said "its hoppin time" and then he hopped and bopped all over the place

theres a weird thing that im not sure how to fix where you sometimes cant control the ship when you first click on the game, it should work fine if you reload the page

thats an issue with the html5 build with gamemaker i think, you might just have to reload the page

its pretty cool but sometimes the cards would do something different than what they said

i dont get it

You know like make em see through ya know??????

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finally someone sees my vision

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do not eat the gongff ball

i love the ending

its like weirdly satisfyingly

my thoughts exactly


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