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Very cute!

Lovely game.

thanks for the feedback

Love the art! And the SFX are quite nice. I like the mechanic but the controls feel a bit iffy. I feel like there should be high friction when on the ground to help with slipping. But it's a really fun game!

Fun game. I love the wall jumping. Some checkpoints would be very helpful. It's a pretty hard game. But I really enjoyed it. Nice work!

Cool concept. The screenshake is a nice touch and the arcadey design made it a fun game to try and practice.

awesome work, thanks!

Fun little game. I quite like the boomerang animation.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into different level styles. Thanks! :D

Interesting idea. Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting, I'll look into that, thanks!

Fun game! Really creative mechanic. Some tense music would be cool.

Fun game! Some SFX and music would be nice.


Why thank you! Yes I can see what you mean I'll look into that, thanks for the feedback ! :D

Thank you! If you don't mind me asking how might I improve the controls? Thanks for the feedback ! :D

Have you tried turning on pixel snap in the godot project settings?

Really cool!

Really fun game. I really enjoyed the strategy of it. The trees and upgrades really add to the strategy. The art was quite nice. I really think you nailed the strategy. Once you better understand the AI you can look at the position of castles and plan accordingly. The key is to capture as many neutral castles as you can. That really knocks down the enemies offensive power. But if you spread your self too thin then they can just take advantage of your work and quickly capture you. It reminds me a lot of the game Risk. Still haven't beaten it lol, it's hard T^T. But also really fun. Awesome game.  A few nitpicks. A pause button would be nice and a level select for levels you've beaten would be really cool.

pretty epic.

Interesting game, some music and sfx would be nice. I really liked the car mechanic

Thank you!

Well now I want to make a horror game lol. Awesome asset pack!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it! Yea I had the flashlight like you said but thought it made it hard to see, maybe that's a good thing idk, so I changed to mouse look. And now that I think about it that doesn't fit the theme(having mouse look). I might change that. You can't kill the monster you have to flip the switches( one in each corner) to open the door. However I probably should have explained that more lol. Thanks for the tips and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Fun little game. It would be cool if you saw leaves grow on the top after you lose. Then maybe the camera could zoom out to show how high you got. But that's just an idea.

Fun little game. I like the music ans sfx. Also it really captues that retro feel. Nice game.

Nice little game. Some music and SFX would be nice. I enjoyed the art and fighting the enemies. It felt like playing megaman so I think you nailed the 8-bit theme. Fun game!

Cool game. Really felt like I was playing a old NES game. Death pits feel a little unfair. personally I'd prefer if it would bounce you back to the last ground you stood on minus some health. And while this is hardly a big deal I think it would make more sense to use a key instead of the mouse button to attack. Also the full screen button doesn't seem to work. It doesn't resize the game. The shield is by far my favorite weapon. It's super fun to bounce bombs at the enemies. And I really like the level design. Over really fun game

Love the art style. And the idea of racing to lord over the land is a cool idea. Some music and SFX would really make it pop I think

Fun little game. I like how you walk past the enemies and grass you need a sword for then backtrack with the sword. Almost like a metroidvania.  Definitely gave me a link to the past feel. The only thing I'd add is some music ans SFX.

Thanks for the feedback! Yea I had the problem of that when it was pure dark and the game had dynamic lights so the walls blocked the light, you couldn't see the monster. However if it's eye glowed that could be really creepy and inform the player as to where it is. I'll have to look into that. 

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Kinda hard to tell when you are supposed to move, the bar doesn't quite make sense to me as to how it works.

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This game is awesome! I love rhythm  games and this game is really addicting to play.  I'm looking forward to the tutorial on how you made it. Also a level editor would be really cool. That way people can add more songs. That could really blow up. Cool game!

7. Any advice to new participants? 

Plan WAY smaller than you think you can do. Scope really small. You can add more stuff later.  Also add some sound fx. You can find free ones online and it really helps the final product. Or at the very least add some music. And even if you don't like your game be glad you finished it. Most people don't.

8. What can the admins do to improve your jam experience? 

You guys are doing good.

9. What are some of the past works you've made for the jam? Show off your favorites! 

This is a little game I made for a weekly game jam:

10. Bonus: Got any question suggestions? Let us know for next year!

Question suggestion for returning jammers: How do you solve bugs and problems in the game

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Once you get going this game is really addicting. Nice job!


I really like the "creative mode". The music is nice too!