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Really neat, I can't wait to see what you do with this game. I'm loving the art too. Keep deving!

I started up the game, did the first tutorial, and the screen froze after opening up the "webpage".The game is more than barebones (just two tutorals), but it's a demo so that's alright. Although I'm not too into psudo-hacking games, the aesthetic is pretty cool. Keep deving!

Kinda buggy and needs work, but I can see the potential for this game. I can't wait until the next build of this game. Keep deving!

This game is FUN. Not being a fan of bullet hell games, I unexpectedly got addicted to this game after one run. The difficulty is well balanced, which is nice for those bad at bullet hell games (like me, only won 1/6 of my runs, and that run was with the sword). There wasn't a death where I felt like the game was cheating me or being obnoxious, just through lack of my own skill. With how well polished it is, I'm left wondering when it will be officially released.