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Created a new topic Help Wanted


I'm looking to collaborate with a 2D pixel artist and a chiptune musician to update the graphics and audio in the game. If you're interested, DM me on twitter! @tristan_damron

Created a new topic Shape Ship Executable Out Now


Today I decided to finally release an executable version of Shape Ship. Previously it was playable using Unity's Web Player, but ultimately I decided that it was inferior to a downloadable version. From here on out new builds of the game will be released as an executable file.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Thank you playing, and for the kind words!

Posted in Updates

Just added a quick patch: Pressing R after you die will restart the level. Thanks Thomas for pointing that out!

Hard by design! Pressing space should restart the level after you die. That being said, "R" is the standard reset button in games so it should also work. I'll make a patch!

Posted in Updates

Introducing v.0.0.5!

Here's what's in store for this update:

  • Added a toggle for screen shake in the options menu
  • Fixed level 8 (There were two turrets on top of each other)
  • Updated the end card font
  • Added 3 new bonus levels
  • Added a message that displays on the end card telling you how many bonus levels you found
  • Added bullet decay (2 seconds)
  • Added feedback when the player crosses a checkpoint
  • Changed the vortex sprite
  • Updated title screen

Have fun!! :)

Posted in Updates

A new update is coming soon! Keep an eye out over the next week for v.0.0.5. Should be a big one :)

Posted in Updates

v.0.0.4 is here!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Added screen shake (on player death, mine collision, and enemy death)
  • Update FOV and camera position on Level 16
  • Mines will now explode and cause mines in their vicinity to explode as well
  • The player's ship now accelerates from a stop
  • Made hit animations feel a bit more responsive
  • Added a wall prefab
  • Added a vortex prefab
  • Added a super secret level!
  • Update title screen to show proper version number
  • Added a collider to enemy bullets
  • Updated colliders on all objects so they don't shoot themselves.

Hope you will find these updates to be useful! Have fun!

Created a new topic Updates

Thinking of cooking up an update for the game to fix a few issues and I figure I should add a few things as well.

Here are some features that I'm toying with...

  1. Slight acceleration and deceleration when moving.
  2. Mines explode in a line when you run into them.
  3. Explosions grow in size, (death on entry.)
  4. Walls that block objects from passing through an area, (essentially a way to cover yourself when you're under enemy fire.)

Think these sound good? Have ideas for other things you'd like to see added to the game? Let me know! :)

Created a new topic Thanks for playing!

Hey all, thanks for stopping by to check out my game! I really appreciate it. :)