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Shape Ship

A fast-paced retro arcade space shooter. · By tdamron


A topic by tdamron created Sep 03, 2016 Views: 333 Replies: 4
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Thinking of cooking up an update for the game to fix a few issues and I figure I should add a few things as well.

Here are some features that I'm toying with...

  1. Slight acceleration and deceleration when moving.
  2. Mines explode in a line when you run into them.
  3. Explosions grow in size, (death on entry.)
  4. Walls that block objects from passing through an area, (essentially a way to cover yourself when you're under enemy fire.)

Think these sound good? Have ideas for other things you'd like to see added to the game? Let me know! :)


v.0.0.4 is here!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Added screen shake (on player death, mine collision, and enemy death)
  • Update FOV and camera position on Level 16
  • Mines will now explode and cause mines in their vicinity to explode as well
  • The player's ship now accelerates from a stop
  • Made hit animations feel a bit more responsive
  • Added a wall prefab
  • Added a vortex prefab
  • Added a super secret level!
  • Update title screen to show proper version number
  • Added a collider to enemy bullets
  • Updated colliders on all objects so they don't shoot themselves.

Hope you will find these updates to be useful! Have fun!


A new update is coming soon! Keep an eye out over the next week for v.0.0.5. Should be a big one :)


Introducing v.0.0.5!

Here's what's in store for this update:

  • Added a toggle for screen shake in the options menu
  • Fixed level 8 (There were two turrets on top of each other)
  • Updated the end card font
  • Added 3 new bonus levels
  • Added a message that displays on the end card telling you how many bonus levels you found
  • Added bullet decay (2 seconds)
  • Added feedback when the player crosses a checkpoint
  • Changed the vortex sprite
  • Updated title screen

Have fun!! :)


Just added a quick patch: Pressing R after you die will restart the level. Thanks Thomas for pointing that out!