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no installation needed. download the zip, extract it, and open the Celeste64 exectuable

yo! yeah ive got several bandcamps of stuff (subdomains are: mantrid, dariusnoise, vvvvvvvv, thepiss, atrocitas), but haven't done anything in a while now... i am finding that making sega games is way, way, way more gratifying than writing songs that like 5 people end up listening to lol

lmao! small world! i don't think i have anything left from then. i just started playing shows with my drum machine again locally though and am having a blast so will be getting back to recording soon

i see weed and weird al and i give 5 stars

wow thanks so much for the kind words! i probably won't be doing any more work on this but everything you mentioned i completely agree with. second loop was actually in the cards originally but wasn't able to get it designed in time.

saving high score is something i tried to figure out in time but wasn't getting it. the genesis is so weird.

feels like a mix of doom 2016 and zone of enders. engaging and brutal with big old-school level design

ty, have added source url along with homepage url -- i was unsure about this but have seen it done before on itch but couldn't dig it up. thanx again

shp pushing the sacred quakeworld engine to new limits again with an awesome procedural smash-tv-type shooter, flawless

super fun! good balanced difficulty and beautiful graphics

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hey thanks! yeah this was my first time ever messing with heavy rng and a lot of times it doesn't work too well haha. when i was testing at the end i definitely saw a half-dozen waves go by in just a few seconds, oops

thanks so much!  a lot like robotron there are 40 unique waves, and after that you just have an endless loop of 21-40 until (theoretically) reaching a perfect game after 255 waves where you get a kill screen.

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whoa, an incredible clone of the old-neo geo game money puzzle exchanger. everything is super polished and it feels complete. this is it, folks

thanks! the actual game's page has more info on our roles but i've gone ahead and updated it here too if there was any confusion

i've heard this from another person but i both haven't been able to reproduce it nor have any idea what it could be so fixing it will definitely take some time, which i plan to do after the rating is over (in addition to a few more issues i didn't catch). i need to stop thinking i can write an entire engine from scratch in 72 hours :/

if you are curious, the composer uploaded one of the songs to youtube, and plans on uploading the rest when he has some time.

thanks for checking it out!

thanks! yep, danmaq's assets (except for .dnh files) from the original 2007 version of ctc are under the cc-by-nc 4.0 license.

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thanks so much for checking it out! i definitely agree with you, transitioning from stage design to a boss pattern while trying to balance the difficulty has always been tough for me. i'm rather inert when it comes to this part of game design, but i am enjoying figuring it out! thanks again!

oh wow good catch, thanks!