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Really cool concept! Depending on what you like the game to be more, puzzle game or like turn based fighting. A time limit per turn might be a neat addition. So far it feels like going defensive seems a steadier strategy than going offensive. While I personally love crits, I feel picking those artifacts at this moment without powers to help you get comboes, flat attack might always be better. Hope you keep working on this game because I really like where it is going :D

Thankyou so much for the kind review! Super glad you liked it.

This is a funny little game that lets you create stories that go off the rails super quickly. Lovely party game to do if you like something silly and fun.

A lovely game that is very thematic and gives a lot of freedom if you want to take it. The cover looks fantastic and the interior art adds to that experience.

I think this game is totally suitable for solo of group play. The rules are quite clear and the tables gives you a lot of options before your own creativity sets in.

Only thing I would loved to have seen is a more extensive gameplay example to get an extra layer of understanding of how a day of the game would work.

A neat little game about a pet sitter and an irresistible cat. You can play as the sitter or the cat.

I have to say I would always play as Mx.Cuddles because why resist to be a cat. I felt fabulous and will convince this sitter to cuddle me.

The chaos table is fun and really adds to the experience, the best experience in my experience if you can get 10 cuteness just before you hit the 10 chaos because a cat without chaos, isn’t really a cat after all.

Clean spirit is so lovely. The writing is beautiful, the layout is so clean.

The navigation bar at the right side is such a blessing to navigate.

Love the use of the post it notes in the design, and the color choices really makes the pages dynamic to look and read through.

A super cool game, nicely written out and clear to understand. The layout is clean and fits the theme. Yes cute moonfish are cute.

I love the use of icons to easily make clear how many players and how long it takes to play it, together with the chart of play really helps out to make this a lovely experience.

This is an amazing game. Best TTRPG experience I personally had. It was heartfelt and easy to get into.

The loneliness together with the bonds you create really sparks intimate roleplay.

While the creatore surely gives you tons of freedom, I am pretty sure you are going to place the setting in a bar, it is just too perfect.

Monster Adoption Center is a rules-lite TTRPG designed to create a light-hearted and wholesome session around making connections.

Open your heart to all the lovely monsters that will be brought to your center. Take them in, learn their needs, and when time comes to say goodbye, send them off to a loving new forever home.

The rules for Monster Adoption Center are beginner friendly, and the game on average runs 1-1,5 hours, solely depending on when you want to stop.

Monster Adoption Center doesn’t have a specific world or period in time. It is all up to your imagination. Therefore it is perfect to put in a different TTRPG. Use this game to create an adoption center together with your players, create the inhabitants and see which personalities and monsters will come, go, or stick around.

Monster Adoption Center can be found here: