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Tattle Tactics

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Quite the fun game, i didn't know rubber duckies were such a bad thing.

 really loved this game and i might play it again, so simple yet beautiful and graceful, the way my guy derped was just... so magnificent.

really loved this game, it felt like the first gun was a bit weak tho, either weak or it needs more ammo.

Quite a cool game i really liked the art, and the buildings. 

 and the cool quotes.

Dude, you need to make a way to get on top of the tallest building, asap. this game is great.


 just... why...

Somehow you still manage to surprise me.

 I only got bad endings, jeez this game is creepy some times... still really like it tho!

I know I'm a little late to the party but i just had to try it out.

this was really fun! keep making weird wacky games like these please! you are awesome.

Hey there thanks for watching! :) i'm sorry if i'm a bit lame but i did have fun with the game and i really hope you keep working on sweet soulwarming projects like these in the future.

Solid game, i suppose there is no further motive behind it than wanting to feel like a dog chasing birds there is a bit of a bug though, in the walls of the world.

will try that out later then :) i honestly tried mostly everything lol i wanted to finish the game too since it was interesting

heyo! played your game and recorded, found it quite interesting even if i did not get to finish it, there is some grammatical mistakes and i was quite harsh on it, but it was more or less for comedy reasons so don't mind it, i like the style a lot, my only problem was getting stuck in the end lol

oh dude my pc isn't the best, it's got 8GB ram
a Intel core 2 quad proc

an nvidia quadro k600 

I'm just starting out my dude :c

quite fun and interesting, would like to see more soon :)

no dude don't worry that much, the game looks fantastic, I asume the performance problem has to tho with my pc so don't mind it.

Nice game! my computer is shit so it ran a bit slow! but it's got a nice idea for the puzzle elements, i really like the swappy stuff, even tho the last puzzle i met was annoying as hell and just felt like an annoying regular puzzle.

heyo! just played your game! i think it's amazing! beautiful animations are a good thing if you want to bring the "regular platformer" feel down and the world makes you feel like there is more to it than what you just witness in the demo, definitely want to see more of this in the future.

I really love the thematic and the gameplay of this game, really, a gem in the rough. hope you guys keep giving it your best!! keep being awesome!

it's honestly not THAT difficult, i'm just complaining too much there, i love everything about it! it has such a fantastic thematic too.

Heya dude! i love the simplicity on this game! which in turn it makes me kinda fail at it and suck... but i love everything about this, keep being awesome!

hey there! sorry for the late response! i really found it interesting, the simple monochromatic graphics and the sound made it have an interesting feel and a deep sense of... overwhelment (per se) i mean, it really felt like another world, and that sells a lot, i really do hope you keep doing stuff like this, or you push another theme to the correct feel it should have, like this one, you got a nice sense for game design, and I hope it gets as apreciated as i feel it should later in the future. keep being awesome.

hey dude! played your game and it was honestly quite interesting!

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played your game for a bit and it has a lot of potential!! too bad i was playing with a keyboard, because it felt a bit clunky with it. but otherwise, i liked the music and the art style. the simple "counter and dodge" mechanic is quite well too, but i feel that if it's just going to have that it should get... ummm... let's say more "decorated" with the boss. make them a bit more flashier, or maybe, add more lines to get a better backstory on them. that way you can prevent the "oh, i guess i'll just keep repeating this again" feeling once it gets stuck on a pattern, and get people hooked on "what is he going to tell me now?" instead. 

lol i was suspicious as to why were there 2 of them and i couldn't get them both at the same time, when i saw the other pod i knew it inmediately. 

MAN YOUR GAME IS AWESOME!!! KEEP IT GOING!!!! also, if you go full screen you cant turn the mouse for some reason, might need to look into that

hey there! interesting game, I think it needs some fixing but thats alright it can get somewhere nice, you should be able to hear the bots a bit better if they see you (since they attack hella fast!) and i would have really loved to understand the machines a bit more, but for the time being, seems quite nice.

Absolutely loved it!! and i want MORE!

oh boy does this have future!!! BRILLIANT GAME MATE! loved everything about it :)

Tried your game out! it's quite silly and fun :) so my only recommendation is, BE MORE SILLY!! 

Hey there!! tried your game out! recorded and uploaded! it was quite fun! excuse my rage for a bit, really want to see more updates on this! 

just tried this gem out! such an unique experience! i loved it!

just tried this gem out! such an unique experience! i loved it!