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hey there! sorry for the late response! i really found it interesting, the simple monochromatic graphics and the sound made it have an interesting feel and a deep sense of... overwhelment (per se) i mean, it really felt like another world, and that sells a lot, i really do hope you keep doing stuff like this, or you push another theme to the correct feel it should have, like this one, you got a nice sense for game design, and I hope it gets as apreciated as i feel it should later in the future. keep being awesome.

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Thanks for the kind words, they really do mean a lot to me.  I definitely have some lofty ambitions and hope I get to really experiment (and I hope I can get funding so I can bring some weird games into the world).    That said, you may be disappointed at some of my releases!  The truth is I'm still a novice programmer and have a lot of learning to do!  So with every game I release right now, I'm trying different concepts, practicing different skills.  Some of these may be simple, dumb games, or more or less artistically ambitious but I will always strive to create stuff I can be proud of.  Thanks again!  Make sure to follow me on here and twitter etc :)