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Hi could you help me make it to where multiple crops could be watered at the same time such as rain?

Thanks So Much :D

HI so I have this feature in my game where there is a timer thats always running and when it hits 0 the character is taken back home to start a new day.

When this clicker event is running I want it to shut down just like the player had closed it so that it stops the clicker altogether because instead of taking the player home when this is open, it just closes it down and re-opens it in a loop even if I use the switch to turn the clicker off

So basically I need help with closing and stoppping the clicker game as soon as the timer hits 0 or below could you help me?

Yep so far it's working :D Thanks for the fast fix

It appears to do the same error again, I appreciate you trying to find a fix even if I just need to give up on furniture if no fix can be done
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I'm using 5.2.1 MZ and it does it when I hit start new game but when I turn off furniture it works

There is a compatibility issue with getspriteID and Visutella Furniture plugin mz

Ok,thanks for the fast reply and help :)

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make this controller friendly? :)

Awesome thanks for clearing that up for me :D

Thanks so much for your help,I've been looking for a system like this because it's been years and years since I've used RPG Maker and I don't have as much free time these days but love to put together small games as a hobby and for a personal bucket list lol

Thanks for passing on that info to Olivia as well :D

No worries about having to redownload :)

Ok so the bed event is working great now however one more slight bug? so when it hits 3 am it teleports you back home but the day name and number doesn't change but it changes the time to 6 am as if its a new day.Also wondered is there any way to have the casino number input controller supported? Or is that an issue with rpg maker mz itself?

Thanks once again for your patience and caring

I hate to be a bother still but the day just sticks at tuesday day 2 now everytime I go to bed and also when it hits 3 am i get an error that says failed to load data map 003 json,I assume its because theres no map 3?

Thanks for being fast and trying to squash bugs

Hi I was wondering if you could help me out?

When I go to sleep on the bed event in house,the day name,the day number and the season name doesnt change at all when I speak to the girl outside

She keeps telling me it's monday day 1 of season 1