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First off, thanks for playing it! I appreciate the feedback very much! :D

Yes, on a positive note, that means you've finished the game! Yaaaaaay! ... on a not so positive note, it means that thats sadly all i managed to create in time for the GameJam... but... but... I'm going to keep working on it and adding in proper , well thought out, levels (a minimum of 5) before i let this game go :) and also going to have a proper look at the gameflow and difficulty.

I'm currently looking at videos of shoot em ups to get a feel for the pacing and the movement patterns of enemies, so i can make my game a little more "game-like" :) Right now its very crude, but ill get it upgraded.

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good job :) I love a good slice of 1, 1, 2, yum yum! ;)

nice one Graph :) the voice acting and the ambient sound really adds to the atmosphere :)